April 2, 2014

Review: Jennifer Chance’s ROCK IT (Rule Breaker’s Series #1)


ISBN-13: 9780553390957  Publisher: Random House Publishing Group Publication date: 3/4/2014 Series: Rule Breakers  Sold by: Random House Format: eBook  Pages: 240 File size: 3 MB

ISBN-13: 9780553390957
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 3/4/2014
Series: Rule Breakers
Sold by: Random House
Format: eBook
Pages: 240
File size: 3 MB


Lacey Dawes is a total pro at the talent agency where she works, and it doesn’t hurt that IMO Worldwide Media represents Dante Falcone. The rock god has starred in her fantasies since she was sixteen—and remains her secret crush to this day. So when Dante picks her to be the interim manager on his Dream It tour, Lacey can’t believe her luck. Handling Dante is sure to be the most exquisite, spine-tingling, nerve-wracking mix of business and pleasure ever.

Although Dante is grateful for the adoring fans who scream for one more of his full-throttle, soul-searing songs, being surrounded by a cadre of corporate types backstage is wearing thin. Then Lacey shows up. Yeah, she’s organized, smart, quick to get him what he wants before he knows he wants it—but Dante senses there’s something else going on with sweet, sexy Lacey. One kiss tells him what that “something” might be . . . and makes him hungry for more.

I think Olivia Cunning is rubbing off on me because I now seem to be gravitating towards rocker-themed books. I discovered this author through an Eye Candy Bookstore Facebook post. The guy on the cover looked hot, I liked the plot, so I downloaded it. Let me start off by saying that I started reading adult romance books as a freshman in high school.

And back then, for me, Loveswept was The Shit. The shelf in my closet was full of books from this division, so color me shocked when it disappeared.

The color me shocked AGAIN when I read that they brought it back! Sa-weet. As a soon-to-be newbie writer, I’ve heard about this new category known as New Adult, but I had yet to read anything in that category.

Until now.

ROCK IT is considered to be New Adult, which means the characters are going to be in their late 20′s.  Which is one of the things I loved about this book, because now, when I start my own writing, I think the category I’ll shoot for is New Adult. In another life, I write YA and immersed myself–unintentionally–in that genre by watching teenybopper-type shows/movies, etc.  Even though I’m in my early 40′s, I still seem to connect with the “young crowd.” When I thought about stepping outside my genre and trying something new, I knew it was going to be adult romance. I’d been reading them forever, so I figured I should dip my toe in the water and see what happens. But I’d been putting it off for so long, because every time I thought about it, I couldn’t help but think “How am I going to write about people who are older when I don’t feel older?” For some reason, I was associating adult romance with characters who are over 30. I’m pretty sure it’s because every romance book I’ve read, the characters have been over 3o. I just assumed that was the rule when it came to writing adult romance.

But this book gave me the permission, if you will, to write in the New Adult genre. This is still a new genre and it’s been a long time coming, so THANK YOU Jennifer Chance for helping me find my writing place.

Another thing I loved about this book was Dante. I just love that name. Dante Falcone. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?  His story runs along the same lines as Justin Timberlake (whom I love). He started out in a boy band doing Bubblegum Pop, then just blew up once the band dissolved. The fans grew up listening to Dante’s music and they watched him get bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter.

And Lacey was there from the get-go. She was a true fan, to the point where she had SPOILER AHEAD 15 photo albums dedicated to Dante, from his boy band days to his solo career. 15. Albums! Now, back in the day, I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a big fan of New Kids on the Block. I had Jordan Knight plastered on my walls and on my ceiling, but I was never obsessive to the point where I wrote letters, cut out pictures and put them in a photo album or kept every single article written about him. When other boy bands came along, I had my favorites–LFO (Well, hello Devin Lima, you sexy mofo white boy with the soul of black man ), Color Me Badd (Well, hello, Bryan, you sexy mofo white man with the soul of a black man), Backstreet Boys (Well, hello Kevin Richardson, you sexy blue-eyed. black-haired mofo) and of course, N’SYNC (Well, hel-lo Justin Timberlake, you sexy badass dancin’ mofo)–but again, it was never in the True-Fan-But-Not-In-A-Stalkerish-Way Lacey Dawes fashion.

So, needless to say, when the primo opportunity for her to be the interim manager for Dante’s tour arises, she makes the best of it.

And that’s when the sparks begin to fly.

The sex scenes were hawt–the closet scene in particular–and I can’t wait to read Book 2 in the series when it comes out in July.

ROCK IT Wet Panty Rating



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April 1, 2014

Teaser Tuesday #22


Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:


~ Grab your current read


~ Open to a random page


~ Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page


~ BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)


~ Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Today’s teaser is from my current read, Julie Ann Walker‘s BORN WILD (Black Knight Inc Series #5)

The notes from Neil Young’s “Unknown Legend” woke Delilah from a deep sleep, and she fumbled for her cell phone on the cherrywood nightstand.



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April 1, 2014

Review: Laura Kaye’s SOUTH OF SURRENDER (Hearts of the Anemoi Series)


Pub. Date:  May 28, 2013 Publisher:  Entangled Publishing Sold By:  Barnes & Noble Format:  NOOK Book, 400pp  Series:  Hearts of the Anemoi ISBN-13:  9781620610343

Pub. Date:
May 28, 2013
Entangled Publishing
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
NOOK Book, 400pp
Hearts of the Anemoi


She’s the only one who can see through his golden boy façade to the broken god within…

Chrysander Notos, Supreme God of the South Wind and Summer, is on a mission: save Eurus from his death sentence, and prove his troubled brother can be redeemed. But Eurus fights back, triggering vicious summer storms that threaten the mortal realm, dangerously drain Chrys, and earn the ire of the Olympic gods who ordered Eurus dead.

Lila Shaw refuses to give up her grandfather’s horse farm, despite her deteriorating vision. More than ever, she needs the organized routine of her life at Summerhill, until a ferocious storm brings an impossible—and beautiful—creature crashing down from the heavens.

Injured while fighting Eurus, Chrys finds himself at the mercy of a mortal woman whose compassion and acceptance he can’t resist. As they surrender to the passion flaring between them, immortal enemies close in, forcing Chrys to choose between his brother, and the only woman who’s ever loved the real him.

When my father found out that I read adult romance, he called them smut books. And before I got my Nook and I was at Barnes and Noble on a monthly basis, I remember one of the cashiers, an older black gentleman, scoffing at me as he rang up my Harlequin Blaze books. I thought that was kind of rude, seeing as how he worked in a bookstore. It made me wonder if he scoffed at everyone who bought adult romance, or if it was the fact that I was a black woman buying adult romance books and thinking I should’ve been reading something else.

I’ve come to discover that adult romance gets a bad rap. Men seem to think it’s nothing but sex, sex, sex all over the place. But we all know better, right? One of the many things I love about this genre is the fact that you learn about many different things: behind the scenes of being in a popular rock band, what it’s like to be in a motorcycle club, what it’s like to be a fire fighter/Pararescueman/Navy SEAL/etc. You even learn about different places: some that are fictious , but so cool you wish they actually existed, or they’re based off of real locations, or they’re fictious places that exist within a real location. And you also learn about real medical issues. In this book, readers are introduced to retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease in which the victim will eventually become totally blind.

The heroine, Lila, was diagnosed with this disease in her early teens. She’s totally blind in her left eye and has about 20% vision in her right eye (her range of vision is similar to looking through a straw). Ironically, she works from home as a columnist. I loved, loved, loved her independence and show she fought so hard to live on her own. I wouldn’t want to be a burden to others and know that it would take a really strong man–or, in this case, a God–to deal with this permanent issue. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and couldn’t wait for Chrys’s story. I have to laugh because when they described him, I couldn’t help but picture Fabio. LOL. But a more hotter, surfer-dudeish version. I also loved the fact that Chrys was a shapeshifter and his spirit animal was a winged horse, which is the form he first “appears” as when he encounters Lila after an ass-kicking with his evil brother, Eurus.

If you’ve read the other books in this series, then you’ll get a glimpse of those characters in this story, which I like about a series with interconnecting characters: you get to see how they’re doing, if they’ve had more children, etc. What I didn’t like was the lack of sex. Yes, I’m complaining that there wasn’t enough sex. If you read my Review Policy then you know that when it comes to books, it’s gotta be 80% sex and 20% storyline. I’m shallow like that and there is no shame in my game that I can admit that. I can freely admit that I’m living vicariously through these books, because my own sex life was–and still is–rather devastating. I also didn’t like–well shit, I can’t give away this spoiler! All I can say is that there was a slight inkling of the promise of a burgeoning relationship but then it was brutally stripped away. I have to admit that I cussed out Laura Kaye for a good five minutes for doing that to me. How could you dangle that carrot and then toss it in the mud, Laura. Gah! Curse you!



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April 1, 2014

Wet Panty Society for the Month of April: COLTON HAYNES


The Wet Panty Society (formerly Beefcake of the Month Club) was started in July 2011 and is a monthly homage to beautiful, gorgeous, hunkalicious men. During that month, a picture of the chosen Wet Panty Guy will be featured every week for your viewing pleasure in the sidebar to the left. Prepare to drool! If there’s someone you’d like to refer to this exclusive society, please remember what Salt-n-Pepa said– “This is only for the sexy people”–and read the requirements.


Mr. April – Colton Haynes


Birth Name: Colton Lee Haynes

DOB: July 13, 1988, Wichita, KS

Where you may have seen him: as Jackson on the TEEN WOLF series from 2011-2012 or between the pages of an Abercrombie and Fitch mag.

Where you can see him now: as Roy Harper on the CW’s ARROW.

It’s been a while since gorgeous men have graced this website. This exclusive club used to be called Beefcake of the Month Club (when my blog was called Beefcake and Babes), but it’s now been changed to a more appropriate name, don’t you agree? I thought I might kick off the club revamp with a sexy guy I’m currently watching on one of my fav new shows. I have a feeling a couple of other guys from this show will become new members of the Society down the line.

This month, I’d like to welcome new member Colton Haynes to the Wet Panty Society. I’m a big fan of the clean-shaven look and his cheeks seem like they’re made for nuzzling.

Welcome to the club, Colton!















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March 31, 2014

Review: Olivia Cunning’s TAKE ME (Sole Regret Series #3)


BN ID: 2940015887389  Publisher: Vulpine Press Publication date: 10/26/2012 Series: One Night with Sole Regret , #3  Format: eBook  File size: 421 KB

BN ID: 2940015887389
Publisher: Vulpine Press
Publication date: 10/26/2012
Series: One Night with Sole Regret , #3
Format: eBook
File size: 421 KB

She is one woman he should never touch…

Sole Regret’s enigmatic vocalist, Jacob “Shade” Silverton, is a consummate womanizer, but even he knows better than to get involved with one special woman from his past. Mixing friendship and pleasure can only lead to a broken heart, and he’s suffered enough heartache to swear off relationships for a lifetime.

He is one man she has always desired…

Amanda Lange knows all about Shade’s naughty reputation, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to dive into the gorgeous rock star’s arms and his bed. She convinces herself that one night of passion won’t complicate their friendship, but can she convince him of that?

They’re both playing with fire.

Neither of them realized how far one kiss would take them. As the flames of their passion ignite with the intensity of an inferno, will either of them escape the experience without being burned or will both be branded fool enough to take a chance on a relationship that was marked for ruin before it even began?

When giving feedback, I heard you should start off with a positive before diving into the negative. So, let me start off by breakin’ down the likes:

~ In general, I like Olivia Cunning‘s Music Monday blog posts. It’s been a while since she’s posted them, but through those posts, I’ve been introduced to some new bands. For instance, Framing Hanley‘s version of Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop” is MUCH better than the original.

~ In general, I LOVE Olivia Cunning’s Hump Day Hottie blog posts.  Every Wednesday, she posts visual man candy and OMG, I still have wet panties from the one she did a couple of weeks ago. To date, it’s my favorite. In addition to Lorelei James‘ Man Candy Monday posts, I always share these posts with another friend of mine.

~ I like the rocker-themed books. I like the peek behind the stage and getting an idea of what it’s like to be a member of a rock band and all that that entails. Everything is so real that it seems like Olivia was there and experienced it firsthand. I love the fact that if Sole Regret and Sinners (her other rock series) were real bands, I would pay money to see them because they play the type of music I listen to. In fact, I’m such a fan, if you take a look at the right-hand sidebar and scroll down, you’ll see that I’m a Sinners groupie and my fav band member. Even though I love both series, I won’t read all of them; BDSM, multiple partners and M/M do not appeal me to me whatsoever.

So yes, overall, I am a fan of Olivia Cunning’s books. I’m looking forward to reading about Exodus End. With all that being said, I’m warning you now, SPOILERS AHEAD. This is book #3 in the Sole Regret series and it’s about lead singer, Jacob “Shade” Silverton. I love Aerosmith‘s music and “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” is one of my favorites by this group, so I found it incredibly sexy that he sang to his little girl. Hell, the fact that likes Aerosmith in general is pretty damn cute. And his ex-wife is a bee-yotch of the highest order. To be honest, I can see where she’s coming from but here’s the thing: if you hook up with a professional athlete, a famous movie star, or a member of a popular band, chances are he’s going to cheat. It’s a given and you shouldn’t be surprised when it happens. These guys are on the road a lot, they’re lonely, the wife/girlfriend is in out-of-sight-out-of-mind mode, and if some young thang in a barely there outfit throws herself at your man, he’s not exactly gonna say no.

Eventually, the Bitter Divorcee Act is going to wear thin and you need to move on. Shades’ ex can’t seem to do that and I wanted to bitchslap her for being so rude to him. It’s clear that he loves and adores his daughter and wants to spend time with her when he’s in town, so stop bustin’ his balls, for crissakes! She’s damn lucky that he wants to spend time with her at all. Thank God for Amanda, the ex’s sister. She’s always had a thing for Jacob, has always seen the man behind the shades, and she finally got the ladyballs to do something about it.

Unfortunately, it was all Slam Bam Thank You Ma’am.


Out of all the books of Olivia’s that I’ve read so far, this is the first one that was really, really disappointing.

It ended so abruptly that I was all “What the fuck, Olivia? Are you shitting me?” I don’t ever remember reading anywhere that this was novella, but it was short like one and there was no resolution. There’s no progression of Jacob and Amanda’s relationship and it left me with questions: what happens if Amanda’s sister finds out about them? Does she find out? Where’s the HEA? Another thing I didn’t particularly care for was the love scene “performance.” I won’t spoil that for you, but let me just say that Jacob came off looking like an arrogant narcissist and it made me not like him as much. Not only that, but it left me high and dry in the Sweet Hole area. That’s unusual for an Olivia Cunning book. At least, from my POV.

TAKE ME Wet Panty Rating:





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March 10, 2014

Review: Kristen Ashley’s ROCK CHICK SERIES



It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, so ‘scuse me if I’m a little out of practice. Right around the time I thought to start this back up, I’ve started revising my YA series. Previously, I was reading so much, I was posting reviews three days a week–Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It may not happen that frequently since I’ve put down the Nook during the day to revise/edit. But when I do finish a book, you’ll see reviews on those days. I also used to participate in a few blog hops on the other days. I may get back into those, if they still exist. Also, I revamped this website so that I could, eventually, post my own erotic adult romance stories. Last month, I attended my first ever Chippendales show (I’m still scandalized and blushing as I write this) and it inspired me to dip my toe in the adult romance waters. To the point where me and a friend–who also reads adult romance–have fleshed out a series of characters. I’ll see where it takes me. I may try and start that next year sometime, once my YA trilogy is done. I’m done playing catch up. Let’s get started, shall I?

In Kristen Ashley‘s ROCK CHICK SERIES, there’s 8 books. I’ve read all but two and that’s because I haven’t made it to those yet. What I can tell you is that reading this series is like driving by an accident on the freeway: You have to keep reading to find out what happens to all the characters in the story, even though there are a couple of reoccurring things that bother you about it. Even though I haven’t finished the whole series, I have my favorites:

rock chick reckoningStella Gunn is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Blue Moon Gypsies, and Stella used to be Mace’s girl. But Kai “Mace” Mason broke up with her and the loss of him rocked her world. One night, Stella gets a call, late (again), from one of the members of her crazy band. She has to go play clean up (again) and runs into Mace (and a shed load of police) and ends up getting shot. Mace finds he doesn’t like it much that his ex-girlfriend got shot right in front of him, but it’s worse. A very bad man has thrown down the gauntlet, and all the Rock Chicks are in the firing line. Stella doesn’t want Mace to be the one to keep her alive, but she has no choice. Mainly because Mace isn’t giving her one.







rock chick renegadeJuliet Lawler has got a score to settle against the drug dealers of Denver. Vance Crowe has made it his mission that Jules won’t get dead while dishing out vigilante justice. Jules doesn’t have time for romance; she’s too busy saving the world. She enlists Zip (the gunstore owner), Heavy (an ex-PI) and Frank (a mysterious recluse) to help. The Rock Chicks get involved to provide advice and guidance. The Hot Bunch adopt Jules as one of their own. Even though Jules tries to hang onto her inner Head-Crackin’ Mamma Jamma, the Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch, Jules’s long-suffering Uncle Nick and Jules’s friend, the rotund, African-American, Jackie-O wannabe, May, will stop at nothing to wear her down. But Jules makes some bad guys pretty angry, and one will stop at nothing to take her out.

What I loved about these stories is the men. I’ve said this before, but I’ll remind you again that I’m really into interracial relationships. Yes, I’m chocolate, but I prefer my men to be vanilla. Kai in ROCK CHICK RECKONING is Hawaiian.

With green eyes.

Can you imagine what he would look like in real life? Can you?

And Vance, in ROCK CHICK RENEGADE is Native-American.

With hair down to his shoulders, but he keeps it in a ponytail.

Can. You. Imagine. What this guy would look like? There aren’t a lot of good-looking Native American actors out there, but if this series was ever made into an HBO/Showtime/Cinemax series, I would totally vote for this guy:






His name is Eric Schweig and if you’ve seen the movie THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, then you’ll recognize this hottie as Daniel Day-Lewis‘s brother. This dude is motherfuckin’ hot and the whole time I was reading RENEGADE, I was picturing this guy. Don’t know if this is who Kristen used as a model, but that’s what I was going with. All the dudes in the Nightingale Investigations group (and the other guys that weren’t) all sounded fuckable, but Mace and Vance did it for me. I liked the Juliet/Vance dynamic because she was a virgin–she didn’t want to give it up to just anyone and I would’ve dropped trou for Vance on the first date, mind–and she takes care of everyone else first. And out of all the Rock Chicks, Stella in RECKONING really was the rock chick. Like No Doubt, she’s the female lead singer in a band. Unlike Olivia Cunning‘s SINNERS ON TOUR series, the kind of music she sings is nothing I would really listen to–covers of classic rock–but I could see myself downloading a couple of her songs from iTunes. I would really like to hear her version of “Ghostriders in the Sky” since she closed each show with that song.

In her bio, it states that Kristen is a self-published author. And it shows. She also has a contract with a small traditional publisher for a few of her other series’, and I can’t help but wonder if this series would’ve been a better read if it had been picked up by this same small publisher. If it had, then she would’ve had a professional editor tell her to CUT THE FUCK BACK ON THE USE OF PARENTHESES (seriously). It seems to be her trademark. (For reals.) In ALL the books in this series. (I kid you not). Actually, it’s not so much a trademark, but rather a really bad habit she should break. I noticed that she does it in her author bio, too.

It was excessive. To the point where it gets HIGHLY annoying and pulls you out of the story. This series is written in first person from the Rock Chick’s POV. Sometimes it’s from the POV of another character, also first person. So, you’re already in the character’s mind, but Kristen feels the need to add these sidebars (to better explain or express additional thoughts). It stops being cute after Book Two and just goes straight to Annoyingville.

I am also not a fan of the way she phrases certain sentences. I dunno, maybe being “born a middle class white child in Gary, Indiana, USA” (her words, not mine) has something to do with it, but, for example, “While we were kissing, the buzzer went” is considered a fragment. It’s not a full sentence and tells me absolutely nothing. Reading different versions of this sentence, over and over again in these books, made the former English major in me cringe and grit my teeth.

Every time.

Kristen, honey, I’m here to tell you that buzzers don’t “went.” Doorbells ring, chime, buzz, whatever. Get a fucking thesaurus and figure it out, babygirl, because you don’t want to appear uneducated. Here’s another tip, K-Dawg. Two words: PROFESSIONAL. EDITOR. Especially if you’re publishing independently. Just sayin’.

Now it may seem like I’ve totally bagged on this author and have pretty much been turned off by her stuff.

That is not the case.

I have a couple of her other titles on my Wish List and I may start reading another series of hers. However, if the whole parentheses theme carries over into the other books, you can damn well bet she’ll be off my list.





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February 21, 2014

Aaaaaaaand I’m back…

I took a long-ass hiatus, but I’ll be back on March 1st. I’m gonna kick it off with a new face in the Wet Panty Society and a book review of Olivia Cunning‘s TAKE ME.

It’s good to back.


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November 26, 2012

Review: Lorelei James’ RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL

A Little NOOKie Review

Pub. Date: January 30, 2007 Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book, 225pp File Size: 517 kB ISBN-13: 9781599983189 ISBN: 1599983184


Taking a ride on the wild side is a dangerous proposition..

Drug dealer? Hooker? Blackmailer? Kenna Jones was the last person to have contact with a murdered federal informant and DEA Agent Drake March goes undercover during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to find out just what her relationship to the dead man was. One problem—from the moment Drake encounters the gorgeous, hot-tempered chameleon—he doesn’t trust her—or his immediate attraction to her. 

Kenna’s situation can’t get worse. Posing as arm candy for rich bikers is a humiliating way to earn tuition. But the financially strapped grad student has no choice. And it appears too-sexy for his badge Agent Drake March isn’t giving her a choice either. He threatens to have her arrested if she refuses to cooperate in his investigation.

But bullets fly and Kenna’s life is in danger from an unknown threat. Drake’s protective instincts kick in when he realizes sweet Kenna is innocent—and in far over her head.

Lust, fear and desire make for a volatile combination in the hedonistic atmosphere, leading Drake and Kenna into taking a dangerous ride on the wild side—with explosive results. 

With their lives at stake, will they learn to trust each other before it’s too late? Or will the devil come calling and finally get his due?

What’s funny is that this book reminded me of Jaci Burton’s THE WILD RIDERS series. It’s about “a group of Harley riding bad boys who work undercover for the Federal government.” I’m not complaining or saying it’s a copycat, but Drake would’ve fit right in with those boys. I’m also a big fan of Jaci’s stuff, too, so this is considered to be a compliment. For all I know Drake is the one character Jaci didn’t want to write about and gave Lorelei the honor.

Either way, I liked the story.

You are going to get so sick of me saying this, but Lorelei is The Shit when it comes to love scenes. I realize I should be focusing on the story, but hell…you know what it’s about. You just read the synopsis. If it sounds good to you, read it. I like it when there’s a little animosity between characters, as well as the push and pull of attraction, and Kenna and Drake have it in spades. I loved how these two sparked off each other, which made the love scenes even better.

The only thing that turned me off was the biker theme. I’m not much of a Harley woman. The guy could be drop-dead gorgeous like Drake or the guys in Jaci’s WILD RIDERS series, but guys dressed in leather chaps and leather vests, riding a huge hunk of metal that’s so loud your brain rattles around in your head does nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. I’m a Crotch Rocket woman. Particularly Ducati’s and Ninja’s. That’s more my style. And guaranteed, you would never see my black ass at that Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (which where this story takes place). That event really does occur and it’s an Everything Goes type of situation that gives me an STD just thinking about it. And by Everything Goes, I mean public nudity, public sex, orgies in clubs, drug deals, etc. It’s like Vegas for bikers. No thanks.

Wet Panty Rating:

November 23, 2012

Follow Friday #61

Are you thankful for a fellow blogger? Tell us about him or her.

I am most thankful for Crystal over at Reading Between the Wines. When I first started blogging, I wanted to find other people who reviewed adult romance. I don’t exactly remember how I find her, probably through another blog poster, but now I participate in her weekly 18 and Over Book Blogger Follow. I’m finding that we have a quite a few things in common when it comes to these weekly questions. If I had a girl crush, it would be Crystal. LOL

NOTE: A word about the Follow Policy from Miz Eve.


What about you?


November 23, 2012

18 and Over Book Blogger Follow #26

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow is a weekly feature that begins on Fridays and runs through the weekend, hosted by Crystal from Reading Between the Wines. This is a Friday blog hop with the objective to find and visit other book blogs that share the same interest as you, namely books geared towards the 18 & over crowd, and make some new friends!

How to join in:
-You should run a book blog that features and reviews mostly adult reads, some Y.A.’s are okay but 18 & over adult reads should be your majority.
-Make a separate post for the 18 & Over Book Blogger Follow on your blog.
-Copy the html for the button above and place it at the top of your post.
-List & answer the ‘Question of the Week.’
-Place your name and blog title in the linky on her site and the url for a direct link to your post
-Visit the other blogs on the list and say ‘Hi!’ Following each blog is not mandatory but I know it is always appreciated, and if someone comments saying they’re a new follower it’s polite to follow back. J It’s always nice to spread the 18 & Over Book Blogging love!
-Contact readingbetweenthewines10 at gmail dot com with any questions!


Question of the Week: Out of all the books that you have read during the month of November, what one book would you recommend to other readers?

DIRTY DEEDS…when good, clean fun isn’t an option.

Just once, good girl Tate Cross wants to experience a red-hot, no-strings-attached affair. Shes temporarily left her graphic artist position in Denver to settle her aunts estate in Spearfish, South Dakota. However, Tate receives a city mandate: she must comply with new landscaping regulations before she can resell the property. Given Tate’s precarious finances, she asks her friend, Val for advice. Val swears her brother, owner of a local construction company, and a man well-versed in purely physical relationships might consider trading dirt work for art lessons. When Tate meets the mysterious Casanova, can she convince him to toss in a few sex lessons as well? Nathan LeBeau believes few women look at the Native American man beneath the filthy work clothes and hard hat. He’s kept past liaisons casual, a fact his sister shared, hence Tate’s sexy proposition of wanting a hands on demonstration of his sexpertise. But in truth, hes tired of relationships based solely on sex. His goal of proving hes not completely hopeless in matters of the heart is second only to his dream of expanding his business. What happens when Tate desires no-holds-barred sex and Nathan favors a good old-fashioned romance? A battle of wills ensues. And Tate is willing to get down and dirty to get what she wants.

Warning, this title contains the following: steamy, explicit sex told in contemporary, graphic language.

I’ll be reviewing it in the near future, but I’ll give you three reasons:

1) Lorelei is the FUCKING AWESOME AUTHOR of the Rough Riders series. If you like smokin’ hot cowboys, you need to jump on those books. And her love scenes never disappoint.

2) The build-up to the love scene is totally worth the long-ass wait.

3) Native American hottie hero. With my favorite coloring (dark hair/pale eyes). Remember this dude from LAST OF THE MOHICANS? Yeah, me too. I was picturing this guy the whole time.

What about you?