August 22, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 5: Who fostered my love of reading

book challenger

Day 5: Share your own story about what or who fostered the love of reading in yourself.


That’s easy: my parents. My Mom more than anything. Both of my parents are readers, but my mother was the one who read to us–my older sister and I. She was the one who sat and listened to us read to her. When she got us library cards…oh, it was on like Donkey Kong, people. Especially once I started reading those romance books. I was reading so much, she was taking me to the library every weekend. And in middle school, when they had book fairs and they would send the kids home with that little paper magazine to give you a chance to see the books that were coming?

Yeah, I was all over that like white on rice.

Any allowance I earned went to books and magazines (I could’ve bought stock in Tiger Beat back in the day I was such an avid fan of that mag). As I got older, my taste in reading never changed, but it’s interesting now to see how I’ve evolved when it comes to feeding my addiction. I used to hit up the book festivals and the VA used to host an annual used book sale every year. I was such a voracious reader that, after a while, I no longer wanted to read used books. Probably because, at one point, I’d already read them.  I became a book snob. I only wanted new books.

I stopped going to the library and started frequenting bookstores. Preferably Barnes and Noble. Now. Back then, it was Waldenbooks.

My first bookshelf was in my closet. The shelf in there was probably supposed to be used for clothes or shoes or something, but back then (during my high school years) I used it to hold my books. Back then, I was hooked on the Loveswept and Silhouette Desire series’. When I needed space, I would do a little spring cleaning and donate my books to the library. Loveswept became defunct (but I hear it’s been brought back to life) and I moved on from SD to Harlequin Blaze.

But I’m digressing.

The fondest memory I have is me and Mom home alone on a Saturday.  My sister had moved out ages ago and my Dad was at some meeting. It was just me and her, and the house was quiet.

And we did nothing but read.

All day.

I was in my room and she was in the family room, but there was no radio. No TV. Just reading time.

I still love days like that.

Thank you, Mom, for instilling in me the love of the written word.


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August 22, 2014

Review: Cat Johnson’s RED, HOT, AND BLUE SERIES: Part 1


I like reading military-themed romance books. As the daughter of a retired Army Colonel, I never got the right to label myself an “Army Brat.” We never had to move for the military. Not even once. So I live vicariously through these types of books, soaking up the information about the military in all its various forms. I liked these three books for different reasons: military life through different POVs.

Pub. Date: December 18, 2012 Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book, 216pp Series: Red, Hot, & Blue Series ISBN-13: 9781609288549 ISBN: 1609288548

Pub. Date:
December 18, 2012
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
NOOK Book, 216pp
Red, Hot, & Blue Series


Emily Price is thrilled to be assigned to an ad campaign featuring one of Uncle Sam’s finest. What better to break up the parade of smooth, perfect models than a rough, war-hardened alpha male? Maybe she’ll even get lucky and find romance. Unfortunately, when she meets her model, he’s more caveman than Prince Charming. Now her dreams of love—and her career—are dangling precariously from his callused fingertips. Staff Sergeant David Hawk Hawkins never imagined refusing a command…until he loses a bet and is ordered off the battlefield and into a new role: Poster boy for the Army’s recruiting campaign.

From the start, their relationship is more fire-and-ice than fairytale. Yet beneath their sparring simmers an attraction that finally explodes into a night of lovemaking that haunts them to opposite sides of the globe after they part. When Hawk and Emily are thrown together again, this time on Hawk’s turf, flying bullets could settle their battle before it begins.

Staff Sargeant David Hawkins has been chosen, against his will, to represent the Army in a recruiting campaign. And Emily is his handler. And even though he starts out being difficult, David warms up a little and the next thing you know, they’re sleeping together. Unfortunately, David’s being deployed to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan the following day, so nothing really comes of their relationship.

At least, not at first.

This story was a quick read for me and the main thing I didn’t like about it was that I felt shafted when it came to the love scenes. Due to the fact that he was being deployed, there was only one great love scene.

MODEL SOLDIER Wet Panty Rating



Pub. Date: March 5, 2013 Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book, 202pp Series: Red, Hot, & Blue Series ISBN-13: 9781609288556 ISBN: 1609288556

Pub. Date:
March 5, 2013
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
NOOK Book, 202pp
Red, Hot, & Blue Series


Sergeant Ryan Pettit blogs anonymously as Groundpounder, recording non-confidential details of a deployment where every day feels exactly the same—until a female reporter shows up at his firebase. Though his orders are clear—protect her, but make her life so miserable she high tails it back to London—the last thing he wants is to watch her leave in a cloud of Afghanistan dust. Intrigued by Grondpounder’s blog posts, Vicki Vanover flirted, bribed, and outright threatened her way to the front lines. Nothing has ever stopped her from getting a story, but an accidental night in Ryan’s bunk is a distraction—and attraction—she never anticipated.

Yet Afghanistan leaves Vicki with more questions than answers. Why won’t Ryan let her anywhere near the local women she wants to interview? Who is the mysterious, red-headed Lt. Wales everyone treats with such deference? Worst of all, why is watching Ryan run toward danger, instead of away from it, enough to stop her heart.

So this story, in a way, is connected to the one above in the way that Ryan is part of the unit that Sargeant David Hawkins leads. And he’s writing about his experience–the nonconfidential parts, that is– on his milblog. I found that highly interesting because readers get the experience, too. I felt like I was right there with him in that hell hole. What I really loved about this story is that Cat Johnson incorporated a real news story! One that I remember, to say the least. This is a tiny spoiler, so read on if you dare. Remember back in the mid-2000s when Prince Harry was doing his military service and the next thing you know he’s being pulled out and sent home? Yeah. No one really knows what happened, but Cat puts her own spin on it and I thought it was downright awesome.

We’ve been at war for so long–and have been brainwashed to believe that Afghanistan is our enemy–that we forget the innocent ones and what it’s doing to them and their way of life. Vicki is a reporter and is particularly interested in the plight of Afghani women. And she’ll do whatever it takes to get her story. In the process, she meets the author of the milblog she’s been reading and flirting with through emails: Ryan.

Two issues that bugged me:

1) The Love Scene Shaft. Again. Due to the fact that Ryan and Vicki were in a war zone and fraternization between military personnel and civilians is prohibited during war time, there weren’t enough love scenes. The couple that occurred were quick and intense, for obvious reasons, but once again I felt shafted.

2) Ryan’s Blog. I felt his blog posts should’ve been in a different font and/or italicized. Those sections were clearly indented, but in the same font as the novel, so there was really no clear distinction between his posts and the regular text.



Pub. Date: February 12, 2012 Publisher: Cat Johnson Sold By: Smashwords Format: NOOK Book Series: Red, Hot, & Blue Series BN ID: 2940033276097

Pub. Date:
February 12, 2012
Cat Johnson
Sold By:
Red, Hot, & Blue Series


A special assignment takes SpecOp BB from working undercover to under the covers…

Billy Bob “BB” Dalton thought he’d left his career as an underwear model behind when he became a Navy SEAL assigned to a team of special ops where no one is supposed to have a past or an identity. Now the military wants him to be the poster boy for their new recruitment marketing campaign, and during what was supposed to be his Christmas leave no less.

Luckily his ‘handler’ turns out to be hot enough to melt icicles in winter, but can BB convince this slightly older and definitely jaded career-focused marketing executive to let him go from working undercover to working her under the covers?

Reader Note: The events in this story take place after Jimmy (Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 3) and before Model Soldier (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel).

So, in a different setting, Billy Bob “BB” Dalton is in the other sector of the military: Special Ops. What’s even more interesting is that he was a former model turned Navy SEAL! What the what? I know! Honestly, how does that even happen? I look at male models these days and think, “There is no way in hell these metrosexual pretty boys would make it through boot camp, let alone the infamous Hell Week.” I also liked the younger man/older woman theme. I’ve always been a fan of that concept because the love scenes always seem hotter and this was no exception. Rawr!

On another level, this kind of helped me figure out a dilemma with the series I’m planning on writing. BB was pulled in to be the poster boy for a military recruiting campaign. You can’t have the world see your face when you’re in a special branch of the military that requires you to remain unseen, but they made it work. So now I have an idea of how to work around that.

This is a free download and since I enjoy the series, I thought I might try it. Gotta love free.

BB DALTON Wet Panty Rating



Peace, Love, and Wet Panties



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August 21, 2014

Booking Through Thursday #59: Mysteries



Brought to you by Booking Through Thursday:

Copy the questions, paste them into your blog and answer them.

When you’re done, go back to BTT and post a quick comment or trackback letting everyone know so they can read your responses. Be sure to leave a link to your actual post! (Just type in the web-address–Wordpress will automatically turn it into a link for you.)

If you don’t have a blog yet, then just post your answers in the Comments area for the set of questions you are responding to.

Lastly, no, you do NOT have to answer on Thursdays. Please feel free to answer any time you want, we’re just glad to have you.


Do you read mystery novels? If so, why? Is it the mysteries themselves that appeal to you? The puzzle-solving? The murders? Or why don’t you read them? What about them doesn’t appeal?


I’ve never been a fan of mysteries. I mean, when I was young, I used to read those HARRIET THE SPY novels. But when I discovered adult romance in high school, that was it for me. I loved the idea of being swept off my feet, the description of the gorgeous men, and the love scenes…Yow!…I got real hooked on those. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I prefer happy endings and dead bodies don’t do it for me. If someone happens to die during the course of the story–like an innocent bystander type of thing–I’m okay with that. That has happened in the stories I read and I’m okay with that.

Because it’s not part of the main plot and the characters aren’t trying to figure out why it happened.

That’s the only kind of “mystery” I like in my books.

What about you?

Peace, love, and wet panties


August 21, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 4: Fostering the love of reading in your child

book challenger

Day 4: If you are a parent, or have advice for parents…what do you do (or think would work) to foster the love of reading in your kids?

I am not a parent. Never wanted to be. I think babysitting in my teen years to make extra money pretty much cured me of that. HOWEVER, that’s not to say there are children in my life. I have a niece and a nephew, both in their 20s, and I love them to do death. The boy doesn’t read, but the girl does, and I think that sitch would’ve been different had their mother read to them more. She spent a lot of time reading magazines herself, but never fostered that love in them. So, to her and other parents out there, my suggestions for fostering your future bookworm:

1) Get them a library card.

2) READ to them. Most parents do bedtime stories and while that’s a great routine–associating bedtime with a story–it doesn’t have to be at night. Stuck inside on a snowy or rainy day? Pull out a book and read to them.

3) Have your kids read to YOU. That way, they’re learning to read, too. While you’re at it, turn it into a learning session. Ask them questions about what they read.

4) Make reading fun and get creative. Read the book in different voices, have them act out their favorite parts, and better yet, enourage an active imagination and have them write their own story.



August 20, 2014

WWW Wednesdays #9


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next? 

Currently Reading: Kylie Scott‘s PLAY (Stage Dive Series #2)

Recently Finished: Lori Wilde‘s ALL OUT OF LOVE (review coming soon)

Reading Next: Kristen Ashley‘s THE GAMBLE



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August 20, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 3: Most Memorable School Memory

book challenger

Day 3: Share your most memorable school memory.

6th grade.

Right here in Phoenix.

I encountered racism for the first time.

My sister and I are two years and two days apart, so at certain times during our earlier education, we would be at the same school. I was lined up outside our classroom before we went in and my sister came by to give me an umbrella.

And then some shithead white kid–I’ll never forget, his name was Damon (more like Demon)–snarled “What are you doing over here, n****.” This kid was in my class and was probably something of a bully (don’t remember), but she just ignored him, gave me the umbrella, and walked away.

I don’t remember where the teacher was, if she heard it, if he was ever disciplined, or the name of the school for that matter. I think I blanked it out. I don’t use the word “hate” that often, at least when it comes to people, but I can honestly say that I hated that kid. I wanted to beat him about the head with my umbrella until he was bloody and unconscious. I wanted bad things to happen to him. Needless to say, I was happy when I started middle school and never saw him again.

I wish I could say that that was the only time I encountered racism at a school I attended, but let’s look at the facts:

I grew up in Scottsdale, which is kinda like a watered-down version of Beverly Hills.

In our neighborhood, we were the only black family on the block. There was another black family that lived one street over, but ironically, we never talked to them. I honestly don’t remember if they had kids, so maybe that’s why.

My sister and I attended predominantly white schools, where there was only a handful of minorities. And by handful, I mean I can count on one hand how many black kids attended my schools.

So, yeah, it was bound to happen again. I live in a regressive state. It’s like we’re living in the Stone Ages here sometimes.

There were other memorable school memories—more happier ones. But that one stuck with me because it happened when I was younger, at a time when you would think that kids at that age/grade level have never heard of that word, let alone say it. It was just so disappointing and a turning point for me that made me realize, “Wow. Someone is really not going to like me because of the color of my skin. This totally sucks.” Innocence lost. How sad is that?

Peace, Love and Wet Panties,


August 20, 2014

Review: Melissa Foster’s READ, WRITE, LOVE (Love in Bloom: The Remingtons Series, Book 5)


Pub. Date: April 19, 2014 Publisher: Melissa Foster Sold By: Barnes & Noble Series: Love in Bloom (Snow Sisters, The Bradens, The Remingtons & Seaside Summers) BN ID: 2940149496228

Pub. Date:
April 19, 2014
Melissa Foster
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
Love in Bloom (Snow Sisters, The Bradens, The Remingtons & Seaside Summers)


Bestselling author Kurt Remington lives to write. He spends twelve hours a day in front of his computer, rarely leaving the seclusion of his beach-front property, where he’s come to finish his latest thriller–that is, until free-spirited Leanna Bray nearly drowns in the ocean trying to save her dog. Kurt’s best-laid plans are shot to hell when he comes to their rescue. Kurt’s as irritated as he is intrigued by the sexy, hot mess of a woman who lives life on a whim, forgets everything, and doesn’t even know the definition of the word organized.

Leanna’s come to the Cape hoping to find a fulfilling career in the jam-making business, and until she figures out her own life, a man is not on the menu. But Leanna can’t get the six-two, deliciously muscled and tragically neat Kurt out of her mind. She tells herself she’s just stopping by to say thank you, but the steamy afternoon sparks a wild and sexy ride as Kurt and Leanna test the powers of Chemistry 101: Opposites Attract.

One of the many things I love about reading adult romance is the fact that I can get a behind-the-the scenes look at various careers or topics of which I’m unfamiliar. In Melissa Foster’s STROKE OF LOVE, readers get a glimpse into the creative process of artist, Sage Remington. In this book, readers get a chance to see the creative process of a best-selling author. If I was interested in the type of books Kurt Remington wrote, I can honestly say that I would have a fan girl moment if I ever met him in real life.

The man is fucking gorgeous. With tats! Hel-lo!

And he’s a writer!

I don’t think I know any hawt-looking male authors. If you do, please share.

To be honest, I would probably have a fan girl moment if I ever met Lori Foster or Jaci Burton or Lorelei James or Carly Phillips or…well, you get the gist. It’d be a different type of fan girl moment, of course, since none of these women is 6 foot-something of  gorgeous male hawtness. NOTE TO SELF: Add Romantic Times Convention to Bucket List.

I loved reading about Kurt’s writing process. I have to admit that I could never dedicate as much time as he does to his writing. Even in my Other Life as a YA writer, the inspiration to write comes in short bursts. I work a FT job so those bursts come on my two 15 min breaks and 1 hr lunches. When I was on a self-imposed deadline, it would be breaks, lunches and a few more hours at home. I was actually quite jealous of Kurt’s long hours spent writing.

Jealous of the way the words seemed to easily flow from his fingers for 8-12 hours at a time. It never happens for me like that.

Jealous of the fact that he had a routine each day and stuck to that routine (well, until he met Leanna). The Other Life writer? Yeah, not so much. Although, I’ve discovered over time that I’m most creative at night. So, that’s something, right?

Jealous of the fact that he had a freakin’ cottage on the beach to escape to! Lucky bastard. For reals? I wish the little cape town where this book takes place really existed because I would fuckin’ move there in a heartbeat.

Jealous of the fact that he lived, breathed and thought about his writing 24/7 (well, until he met Leanna), even while on a date with a previous girlfriend. LOL. Now that’s dedication.

If you’re a best-selling author, then you live a pretty structured life. A structured life that can’t include too many distractions. Saving a dog, and in the process, its owner, was a distraction that Kurt didn’t want.

At least, not at first.

But as it turned out, Leanna, in all her quirky, free-spiritedness, was something he needed. As perfectly demonstrated by Kurt, writing is a solitary profession. I think writers like Kurt need people like Leanna to remind them that some distractions can be a good thing.

And that sex with a gorgeous, tattooed best-selling author is phenom.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Melissa’s series about the Remington family and I plan to read more.

READ, WRITE, LOVE Wet Panty Rating

Peace, Love and Wet Panties,





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August 19, 2014

Currently Reading: Lori Wilde’s ALL OUT OF LOVE (Cupid, Texas Series, Book 2)




August 19, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 2: Dream Lesson Plan

book challenger

Day 2: If you were/are an English Teacher, share with us your dream lesson plan as far as reading assignments.


<rubbing my hands with glee> The other night, I saw a trailer for a new show  coming out this fall called HOW TO GET GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Actress Viola Davis is going to teach her her kids how to practice law, using real world experience. Which I think is awesome, because it can’t always be about book learning. If I were an English teacher, my dream lesson plan would be the below book.


I think it would be totally awesome to teach this in a college setting.  The end result would be a partial story (maybe even a first draft) and  attending a Romantic Times Convention.


August 18, 2014

Back to School Blogger Challenge: Day 1

Rachel at Parajunkee’s View has issued a 9-Day Challenge to bloggers, so I’m picking up the “pencil” and accepting it.

book challenger

So, for the next 9 days, I’ll be responding to the below questions/prompts


Day 1: It’s time to stand up in front of the class and share with the rest of us a little bit about you.


My name is Evolet Yvaine and you can see a pic of me in the right sidebar. Just so you know, Evolet Yvaine is not my real name, but a pseudo. In my Other Life, I’m an indie YA author and never the twain shall meet. I’m an aspiring adult contemporary romance writer (particularly interracial), a divorced kidless woman, and a Hotlanta transplant currently residing in the dry heat of Arizona. This blog was established as a book review site in Jan 2011 as Beefcake and Babes. I review mostly adult contemporary romance with some paranormal romance thrown in for good measure. I changed the name a couple of years ago when I decided I was going to actually start writing adult romance. Now, not only will I be reviewing the books I read, but this site will also showcase my writing (when I start, that is.) I’m dipping my toe in the short story pool first before going balls-to-the-wall-full-on novel. My favorite authors include, but are not limited to:

Lori Foster

Melissa Foster (don’t know if they’re related, but they’ve both been blessed by the Cover Goddess)

Lorelei James

Jill Shalvis

Carly Phillips

Olivia Cunning

Shelly Laurenston

Jaci Burton

Alison Kent

Donna Kauffman

J.R. Ward

to name a few.

I’ve been reading adult romance since I was in high school, cutting my teeth on the Loveswept line, and I’ve never looked back. I tried reading YA and thought it was boring. Before I knew it, I was going to the library every weekend, reading 2-3 books a week. Before I got a job, I was reading at least 2 books a day. I barely graduated from high school, I was reading so much. LOL. Guess I preferred reading to studying.

I grew up listening to Motown, so if you stop by my place you’re more than likely to hear a dash of The Supremes, a pinch of Smokey and The Miracles, and a sprinkling of Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson;–they really don’t make music like that anymore and I really miss that; my car radio is only tuned to one station: Mix 97.3, the Oldies station. LOL. I love going to the movies and will see RomCom to Disney (minus thrillers and horror, although I’m okay with those ALIENS and RESIDENT EVIL movies), but I have a serious love jones for Jason Statham.. I also love watching TV and on any given day, you can find me watching GAME OF THRONES, ARROW, TRUE BLOOD, SUPERNATURAL, THE NEW GIRL, THE MINDY PROJECT, BONES, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, MAD MEN, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, ELEMENTARY, SHERLOCK, ONCE UPON A TIME, SLEEPY HOLLOW, HAVEN, MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., and the most current THE MUSKETEERS.  It’s hard keeping it all straight. Thank God for DVR. And to think, it’s going to get worse when the new season starts. Guess it’s good fortune that a couple of these shows are in their final season, eh?

So, that’s me in a nutshell. If you want to Follow me, I ask that you please review my Follow Policy. Yes, I actually have a Follow Policy.  I also have a Review Policy, if you’d care to take a look-see. Know that if you do decide to follow me, you’ll receive the following:

A Little NOOKie Review: Book reviews 3x a week (Mon, Wed, Fri).

Memes I participate in: Teaser Tuesday, WWW Wednesdays, Booking Through Thursday, and, when I can remember, Parajunkee’s Follow Friday.

Random Sex Thought Thursday: Just like it says. And they really are random.

Wet Panty Writing Process (Sundays): Little things I’m discovering along the way when it comes to writing a new genre.

Wet Panty Society (Monthly): A different hawtie featured every month, with a weekly droolworthy pic and some trivia. You can read the deets HERE.

Peace, love, and wet panties,


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