May 26, 2015

WPS Writing Tip Tuesday #8: Jennifer Blanchard Williams


Apparently, when it comes to writing a novel, writers have specific energies.

It’s not The Force (Howdy, Luke).

It’s not your chi that you developed into a weapon and blasts out of your hands when you yell some complicated Chinese/Hawaiian word (wa’sup Goku).

And it’s not a super power you learned to control when you went to that special school, graduated summa cum laude, and ended up becoming a member of a really cool group (lovely to see you, Professor).

No, no, nothing that exciting. We have gender specific energies. In order to write a kick-ass novel, we need both masculine and feminine energy.

According to Jennifer Blanchard Williams’s email post about “The Masculine and Feminine Energy of Writing A Novel”:

Masculine energy is:

  • Focused on the end result 
  • Taking action
  • Doing the work

Feminine energy is:

  • Creativity
  • Being open/receptive
  • Connecting
  • Nurturing
  • Intuitive 

The combination of masculine and feminine energy is what helps you plan and develop your story, using your creativity to really dig into the details; being open to new ideas and options for the story; and connecting to your characters as if they are living beings.

 In the planning and development phase, the masculine energy is more dominant. 

 Whereas when you’re writing your draft, the feminine energy (being creative, open, intuitive) is more dominant. The masculine energy (of taking action, getting the writing done) of course comes into play, but not as much. 

 If you’re a story planner, you’re more focused on masculine energy, and if you’re more of a pantser (or “intuitive writer,” writing by the seat of your pants), then you’re using more feminine energy.

 When you can bring the balance of both to the table, that’s when magic starts to happen. That’s when creative ideas (feminine) connect with planning, process and execution (masculine). That’s when intuitive writing sense (feminine) helps guide the story plan (masculine) that you’ve created. 

 Here’s how you can improve your masculine-feminine energy balance:

  1. Determine where you’re off balance — are you using more masculine or more feminine energy in your writing life? You can’t figure out how to balance things until you know where you’re starting from.
  2. Start incorporating the opposite energy — now that you know which energy you use more of, you can start incorporating things related to the opposite energy. For example, if you’re using more feminine energy than masculine–if you usually find your story by sitting down and starting to write (feminine), you can balance that by doing more planning and developing (masculine) before you jump into the writing. 

Having a balance of energies is going to make you a stronger writer and help you turn out better stories.


Learn something new everyday.

Right now, I can tell you that I’m all about the flexing-in-the-mirror-crotch-grabbing shit. I’ve gone so totally overboard with book research, reading up on Story Structure, and wondering how to go about doing this plotting thing, that I have yet to open a can of Whoop Ass Glittery Rainbow Intuitiveness. When I was writing YA, I was so tapped into my feminine energy, pink tutus were coming out of my ass. Now I just need to find that good balance. Wonder Twin Powers….ACTIVATE!

Which energy are YOU most focused on?


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May 25, 2015

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About: Jason Momoa

~ In his mid-teens he became the youngest lifeguard in the history of the Gulf Coast.

~ On November 15, 2008, he was attacked with a broken beer glass in West Hollywood, California. According to the APNews article, 140 stitches and subsequent reconstructive surgery were required.

~ He’s husband to Lisa Bonet (lucky bitch) since Nov 15, 2007 and father to Lola ( born July 2007) and Nakoa-Wolf (Dec 2008).

~ In Polynesian, the word “momoa” means “dry”.

~ He shares one middle name, Namakaeha, with his father.

And a final quote:

“I think a man needs to be a man. To hold a woman the way she wants to be held. Just do whatever your woman wants, and you’ll be fine.”

<insert panty disintegration here> Unh! I can totally hear him saying that in his deep sexy voice, too.

And now it’s time…to say goodbye…to our favorite lifeguard/warrior/barbarian/Dorthraki King.

Get your final drool on, ladies (and gents, if you swing that way. There’s no diss-crimination ovah herre).

Hope you enjoyed the man candy that was Jason Momoa. Do you like him with short hair, long hair or dreads? This inquiring mind wants to know.

jason 15







Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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May 25, 2015

Writing Quote of the Week

Most definitely…



May 20, 2015

Wet Panty Wednesday #15

This month’s theme is: military


Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


May 19, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Jumping in with Both Feet…and hoping I don’t drown

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-ProfileSo, I’m doin’ it. I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

For the first time. Ever.

<bounces up and down on balls of my feet>

It’s out there in the universe. I announced it, so it’s real.

<shakes the tension from arms and hands>

I’m a lot nervous, can you tell? I think I may be hyperventilating soon.

The last time I tried this was several years ago. I was writing YA and thought it would be a good idea to FUCKING OUTLINE.

Yeah, that was my first mistake.

Me, a pantser. Outlining.

<laughs hysterically>

Let’s just say the fallout was ugly.

PANSTER TIL I DIE!! <holds up a fist a la Black Power>

Here’s the thing, though.

New genre.

Thought I might try and be a little, eensy-teensy-weensy bit structured. Can I structure if I’m a pantser? According to K.M.Weiland, yes, yes, I can. If I can at least identify my Hook, First Major Plot Point, Midpoint, Third Major Plot Point, and Climactic Moment I should be golden.

I’m shooting for 55,000 words.

So much for dipping my toe in the water.

I love Harlequin Blaze books, so I’m pretending that I’m writing for them.

And the word count is 55,000.

Care to join me? I could sure use some accountability.

You can find me under EvoletYvaine and I asked to be put in a “cabin” with other people writing in my genre (Romance Novel).

Pray for me.

<pulls out a paper bag and starts to breathe in it>


Peace, lurve, and wet panties,





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May 19, 2015

Currently Reading: Erin Nicholas and Janice Hardy


So, for pleasure, I’m reading about a genius scientist and corporate lifer who gave up the rat race for a slower pace…


And, in preparation for Camp NaNoWriMo in July, I’m planning out my novel. Sort of. I hope the pantser in me isn’t going to choke…:/


What are you currently reading right now?

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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May 19, 2015

WPS Writing Tip Tuesday #7: Marcy McKay


Are you a superstitious writer? When I first started out I wasn’t, but now I am. Several years ago, when I was in the process of writing my first YA novel, a co-worker of mine was interested and wanted to read it. So I let him read what I had so far.

And then I promptly got writer’s block for 3 months.

I learned my lesson. My Mama didn’t raise no fool.

Now, my #1 Rule with WIPs is: no one gets to read it until the first draft has been written.

I honestly can’t remember what caused me to have writer’s block for 3 months after that incident occurred. I don’t remember if he said something, provided feedback or criticism or whathehellever, but it obviously changed me.

Fast forward to the present day where a couple of weeks ago, I commented on a post by Chuck Wendig. He asked his readers to post about the protag in their most current work and I actually had to think about whether or not I wanted to say anything. I wanted to be sure I was safe. I determined that I was because I haven’t started officially writing the story yet. I’ve written a few scenes, yes. Raw, unedited scenes, but they’re not connected. So I decided to participate:

My protag is 28 yr old Shaolin Li. Half African-American, half Chinese, her parents were killed when she was a baby and she was found by a monk from the Shaolin Temple in China. She was raised in the Shaolin Orphanage until the age of 4, then raised in the temple by the monk who found her, until she was sent to the States to live with the monk’s brother at the age 12. Fast forward several years and Shao’s now a former army EOD (Explosives Ordinance Disposal) Specialist trying to adjust to civilian life two years after being medically discharged. While on the job as a concierge in the business lounge of a downtown Phoenix hotel, Shao finds out a Russian businessman who frequents the hotel is involved in a child sex trafficking ring…and he may be responsible for the disappearance of a young Chinese girl from her old orphanage. In the process, she receives assistance from an unlikely source in the form of Remy: an artist and male stripper who, on the side, happens to work for an organization who runs missions to rescue children from human traffickers. From the time she was 4, Shao was trained to protect and her position in the army reinforced that. Due to her upbringing and what she did in the army–not to mention the after effects–she doesn’t feel worthy of love. Remy hopes to change her mind.

A few days later, I went back to see if anyone had commented on what I’d written and Yay! Yay! someone had. Miss Curleyqueue said:

I love this idea- very interested in the character. Couple thoughts: how does Shaolin make the transition from former military to investigative work- is she going to use proper legal channels or is this a more instinctual, no-regard-for-the-rules act? Seems like that could be a point of conflict- and what specifically did she do in the army that would make her feel unworthy- I tend to think of EOD as doing good. Would love to know how this progresses!

I liked this feedback because, to be honest, I haven’t really fleshed out the story yet. I’ve been too busy procrastinating in the form of book research. LOL. But this was good. And I know I’m not going to go into a deep dark writer’s funk over this.

Which is why Marcy McKay’s post on “How to NOT Let Others Sabotage Your Writing”  was so timely. Marcy said that “Even well- meaning people can inadvertently sabotage your work. Especially, family and friends because their opinions matter most to us.”

So true.

My Dad used to tease me about reading “that smut.”

When I was going to Barnes and Noble and buying books from there, even the cashier (an older gentleman) teased me about reading “that smut.”

My husband teases me even more now that he knows I’m trying my hand at “writing porn.” <rolls eyes>
Well, you know what I have to say about that:


My novels won’t be like 50 Shades of Grey.

And I won’t be writing porn.

There’s a difference, people! That’ll be a whole ‘nother blog post in the very near future.

If I’d let all that get to me, I wouldn’t be dipping my toe in the pool right now. For that matter, I would’ve stopped reading adult romance long ago.

Marcy also said: “Other writers can wreak havoc on you, too.” And by this, she means writers in your critique group.

I can never join a critique group. That would never work for me, what with my superstition being in total effect. I’d rather have a writing partner (or a group of them) that could help me be accountable and can brainstorm with.

But here’s the kicker, something I’ll always keep in mind when I’m done and letting another pair of eyeballs, well, eyeball my work. Marcy says:

Learn to trust your instincts. Have the audacity to trust yourself as a writer. Unless those changes ring true for you, do not do it. More than likely those very adjustments will ruin what makes your story unique.


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May 18, 2015

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About: Jason Momoa

Jason enjoys rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, long board skateboarding and roller hockey. And he spends his free time on Buddhist studies.

And all that exercise has done well for him. Makes me wanna sop him up with a biscuit…


Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


May 18, 2015

Writing Quote of the Week

Or shut up for that matter…



May 15, 2015

Follow Friday #88


Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

How does this work? You follow a blog, they follow you. Win. Win. Just make sure to follow back if someone follows you! With that being said, be sure to check out my Follow Policy before you make any rash decisions.

This week’s question: How do you organize your books? Either at home on your bookshelves or on your reading-device, or on your bookish platform like Goodreads, Leafmarks or Booklikes.

Well, back when I was buying paperbacks, I arranged my shelves by line (Harlequin Blaze and/or Silhouette Desire) and then by author. Now that I have a Nook, there’s no organization feature. So even if I wanted to organize them, I couldn’t. And I’ve only recently started to archive books that are lendable. I was reading and deleting. But even archived, there’s no way to organize the titles. Maybe that’s changed with the more recent versions of Nook, but not with the Simple Touch that I currently own.

What about you?

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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