November 25, 2015

Wet Panty Wednesday #48

This month’s theme: Indian Men


November 24, 2015

Getting Serial

When I first started this journey to write adult romance, it was with the intention to publish in eBook format only. I wasn’t going to do print.

Along the way, however, I would get these bursts of re-inspiration to get back to the nonprofit business I had set aside. These bursts don’t happen often, but when they do, I’m reminded of my initial writing plan.

I’ve thought long and hard about that writing plan and have decided to go the serial fiction route.

I know what you’re asking “What’s serial fiction?”

Well, the Wiki definition is “In literature, a serial is a printed format by which a single larger work, often a work of narrative fiction, is published in sequential installments. The installments are also known as numbers, parts or fascicles, and are either issued as separate publications or within in sequential issues of the same periodical publication.”

For the record, that’s NOT what I plan to do.

I don’t plan to write a complete novel and then publish it in installments.

I’m going to write in real-time.

On a weekly basis.

Self-edited by me.

First draft only.

So, what does this mean, you ask?

It means there are going to be two major changes around here:

  • The current incarnation of this website will change. It will be converted into an author site, under my name.
  • A new website, under the name, will be designed specifically for my writing. Yes, my original plan had been to use this site to post my writing, BUT I feel it’s past that point. This really is more like an author site now. I’ve written book reviews, I have monthly and weekly features, I participate in weekly memes, and sprinkled in there are a few flash fiction stories. I want to start fresh. I want to have a site completely devoted to nothing but my writing. The name will still exist, it’ll just be connected to a whole different site.

When is this going to happen, you ask?

After the New Year. That’s always a good time to start new projects, right? This site will be revamped a little and then the Wet Panty Stories site will be completely new.

Similar, but new.

When it’s ready, I’ll let you know.

That is all.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


November 24, 2015

Writing Tip Tuesday #30: Jessi Rita Hoffman


When you’re self-editing your work, there are plenty of posts out there that tell you what you should look at for and try to eliminate. Jessi Rita Hoffman’s provides 2 Stammer Verbs to Avoid in Your Fiction.


The reader assumes, if a character is going to move from point A to point B in a scene, he or she will probably have to make a turning movement. That’s understood, so it need not be explained. Stating it merely slows down the action and spoils the vividness of the scene.

Before: The king placed the scroll back on the table. He turned and walked to the window.

After: The king placed the scroll back on the table. He shuffled to the window.



Like turned, it’s typically misused as a way of launching into description of an action:

Jill sat down with a thud. She began to untie her shoelaces.

There’s no reason to slow down the action in either of these examples with began.

Jill sat down with a thud. She untied her shoelaces.

Unless something is going to interrupt between the start and the completion of their action (taking off shoes), there is no reason to say began.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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November 23, 2015

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About Josh Hartnett

~ Quit football in high school because of an injured left knee.

~He was in a production of Tom Sawyer, he played the part of Huckleberry Finn.

~ Is a huge jazz fan.

~ Friends with Ben Affleck and Jason Isaacs.


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November 22, 2015

BuzzFeed Sunday #1

I subscribe to BuzzFeed’s daily Dude-A-Day newsletters: pics of gorgeous guys set to hilarious blurbs written by the talented writers at BuzzFeed. The second best part about these newsletters are the quizzes at the bottom. They’re a tad risque, which is perfect for this site. I’ve only lately started participating in those and will start posting on Sundays: new feature, peoples! BuzzFeed Sundays.

Which Porn Parody Should You Star In Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


You got: Fap to the Future

  • You are adaptive and adventurous, and you’d put viewers through a wild ride if you starred in Fap to the Future!
  • Wood Rocket /


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November 18, 2015

Wet Panty Wednesday #47

This month’s theme: Indian Men


November 17, 2015

Writing Tip Tuesday #29: Vicky Alvear Shecter


I’ve always said that when I’m trying to get through writer’s block, I just wait to hear the voices of my character again.

Sometimes, there’s a character that won’t shut up and have to do something about it.

Such is the case with my current heroine, Shaolin Li.

For the record, she wasn’t exactly talking to me. I was just having recurring dreams about her. It was all very telepathic like.

To the point where I was forced to kick my YA heroine (sorry Draven) to the curb indefinitely and start a whole new genre.

But I digress.

If you’re getting the cold shoulder, the face palm or the silent treatment from your character, Vicky Alvear Shecter provides some tips on What To Do If Your Character Isn’t “Talking” To You.

Change the point of view.

Maybe your character doesn’t appreciate the distance of third-person. Try rewriting from the first person point of view (or vice versa). Play with the possibility of changing the character’s age or even sex.

Talk to other writers.

Sometimes it takes a conversation to shake things up. Another writer or trusted reader may help you reconnect with what drew you to the story in the first place.

Beg and cry.

Sometimes we need to just ask our characters to help us out. But even that may not work.

Sometimes, however, only a clean-break—or even a little time apart—is all the relationship needs.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,



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November 16, 2015

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About Josh Hartnett

~ Started a production company, Roulette Entertainment. [Which is why he’s probably been off the radar. He’s making his own movies]

~ Was raised for the most part by his father, Daniel, and stepmother, Molly. His mother moved back to San Francisco after divorcing his father.

~ Has three younger siblings: Jessica, Jake, and Joe. [I love those parents who have an alliteration addiction. NOT]


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November 13, 2015

Booking Through Thursday…on a Friday #88: Nostalgia


Brought to you by Booking Through Thursday:

Copy the questions, paste them into your blog and answer them.

When you’re done, go back to BTT and post a quick comment or trackback letting everyone know so they can read your responses. Be sure to leave a link to your actual post! (Just type in the web-address–Wordpress will automatically turn it into a link for you.)

If you don’t have a blog yet, then just post your answers in the Comments area for the set of questions you are responding to.

Lastly, no, you do NOT have to answer on Thursdays. Please feel free to answer any time you want, we’re just glad to have you.

What book (or books) from your childhood do you think about most often? That had the most effect on your life?

RamonaBack in the day, I thought the RAMONA QUIMBY series by Beverly Cleary was The. Shit.


I loved reading those books.

She was so precocious and I wanted to be like that, but I was a good bookworm of a kid. LOL.

My parents never had a problem with me being bad. LOL

dr. seuss

And who can forget about the Dr. Seuss books?

The silliness.

The catchy rhymes.

And that skinny ass cat.

Me being a cat lover and all, I remember wishing I had a cat like that. LOL

shelAnd I still have the copy of Shel Silverstein’s WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS that my parents bought me. I loved the quirkiness of the poems, but didn’t realize until I got older how dark some of them were. When I went back to school a few years ago, I wrote a paper about Shel for one of my classes and discovered two things: 1) He was an incredibly interesting and creatively talented soul and 2) I would’ve loved to have been friends with this dude.

What about you? What books from your childhood do you think about most often? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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November 13, 2015

Follow Friday #98


Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

How does this work? You follow a blog, they follow you. Win. Win. Just make sure to follow back if someone follows you!

What are the funniest books you’ve ever read?

SEX AND THE SINGLE WITCH by Annette Blair – I listed this one first because there was a scene that had me LOL. For like five minutes. Maybe more because I kept rereading it. And laughing some more. It was so great, I contacted the author and sent her a link to the review.

BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD Series by J.R. Ward – There’s always an element of laughter in this series. It’s the way the brothers act with one another.

DRAGON KIN series by G. A. Aiken – Like the above series, there are elements of humor in this series (at least, the few titles that I’ve read. I plan to read more).

PLAY by Kylie Scott – The heroine is the drummer in a band called Stage Dive and he’s hilarious. I’d read about this author, forgot about her, then was reminded of her again when my reading buddy, Rhonda, picked up this book and told me she was laughing so much she nearly pissed her pants. I like reading books like that. I wasn’t nearly pissing my pants, but she was right about laughing alot.

So, what are the funniest books you’ve read? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,




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