August 27, 2014

Review: Kylie Scott’s PLAY (Stage Dive Series, Book #2)


•  ISBN-13: 9781250052377  •  Publisher: St. Martin's Press  •  Publication date: 8/26/2014  •  Series: A Stage Dive Novel Series , #2  •  Pages: 304

• ISBN-13: 9781250052377
• Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
• Publication date: 8/26/2014
• Series: A Stage Dive Novel Series , #2
• Pages: 304


Mal Ericson, drummer for the world famous rock band Stage Dive, needs to clean up his image fast—at least for a little while. Having a good girl on his arm should do the job just fine. Mal doesn’t plan on this temporary fix becoming permanent, but he didn’t count on finding the one right girl.
Anne Rollins never thought she’d ever meet the rock god who plastered her teenage bedroom walls—especially not under these circumstances. Anne has money problems. Big ones. But being paid to play the pretend girlfriend to a wild life-of-the-party drummer couldn’t end well. No matter how hot he is. Or could it?


Lately, I seem to be into MMA fighters series, tattoo series, hockey team series..and rockstar series. I’d heard about this author, totally forgot about her, and then a friend of mine picked up Book 1 in the series.

And then she told me about this one and how she laughed out loud.

A lot.

To the point where she nearly pissed her pants.

I was sold.

I love reading books like that.

I am totally adding Mal to my Book Boyfriend List. I don’t actually have one, but you can damn well bet I’m going to now.

Mal is the drummer in popular rock band Stage Dive (love that name) and at a party one night, he meets Anne. Anne who’s been fucked over by her roommate and has no idea what she’s going to do.

Here comes Mal to save the day! And things start to get interesting when he forcefully–and hilariously–inserts himself into her life.

If Mal had a fan club, I would be a member. That’s how much I loved this book.

He’s like the rocker version of Brad Pitt a la LEGENDS OF THE FALL.

He’s fucking gorgeous, hilarious, over-dramatic, protective, talented (especially in the bedroom), and even better? He likes a natural Sweet Hole. None of that Brazilian waxing shit.

My only issue, and it’s a small, nitpicky one on my part really, is that I wanted a better sense of the music they played. Lame, I know, but with Olivia Cunning‘s SINNERS ON TOUR series, they’re “sound” is similar to Linkin Park. I love me some Motown, but that group has a real distinctive sound that I like, too. So if Sinners really existed, I would definitely see them in concert. Maybe it’s because this book focused on the drummer, and more often than not, it’s the other members of the band who make up the creative process. I really wanted to connect more with this group and their connection to each other, but I didn’t get that.

Looks I’m going to have to go back and read Book 1…and then keep on reading. Unless it gets kinky. Then I’m out.

PLAY Wet Panty Rating

Peace, lurve and wet panties,



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August 26, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenger Day #9: My Favorite Teacher

book challenger

Day 9 – Share with us the story of your favorite teacher or mentor.

Today is the last day of the challenge. This was fun. I had a good time.

So, my favorite teacher? Easy-peasy.

Mrs. Yates.

Fifth grade.

Huffaker Elementary School, Reno, Nv.

She was a short woman, older (by then maybe in her late 50s, early 60s), a little on the chunky side, with bottle blonde hair. Now that I think about it, she kinda reminds me of Mrs. Garrett from FACTS OF LIFE (remember her?), but without the orange hair. Her foundation made her look pasty white,  the eye shadow was liberal and bright, and by the end of the afternoon her bright pink lipstick had worn off, leaving only the outline. Half-glasses perched on the end of her nose and her eye blue eyes would peer at you over them, giving you a look that clearly said “I’m on to you. You can’t pull one over on me.”

What I loved about Mrs. Yates was that she was only one of two teachers, that I can remember from my elementary/middle school days, that read to us. She would slowly walk up and down the aisles, in her stocking feet, reading in this hypnotizing cadence that never failed to relax me. I would fold my arms on my desk, put my head down and close my eyes. Sometimes, I would watch her mouth move as she read, because the pale pinkness of it and the darker outline was kind of hypnotizing in itself. LOL

It reminded me of the way I used to color.


Outline with dark, before coloring lightly inside.

I know she’s long dead now and I often wonder how many other kids she taught and hypnotized.

She was one of two teachers that reinforced my love of reading and I will never, ever forget that.

Mrs. Yates, wherever you may be now, you were made of awesome.

Peace, lurve and wet panties,


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August 25, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day #8: Biggest Blogging Lesson

book challenger


Day #8 The Biggest Lesson I’ve learned as a blogger.

I’m not on my laptop much on weekends, so I didn’t participate for the past two days.  Thought I might jump back in today, though. Honestly, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to have fun. A piece of writing advice that has always stuck with me is “Write what you like.” I’ve taken that to heart with this blog.

I write what I like.

If other people happen to like what I write, they can comment or Follow me. And if you’re serious about that, I ask people to check out my Follow Policy. Yes, I have one.

This blog isn’t a job for me and I don’t want to turn it into a job. I already have a job, I don’t want two!

I don’t want to worry about creating a meme, a contest, a challenge, a giveaway, or how many times a day I should be posting.

I do this for fun.

Yes, the plan is to post book reviews three times a week. That might not happen every week. I may not read for a while or read too much and forget what I read. It’s been known to happen. Especially when I read novellas.

Yes, the plan is to participate in memes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. But I might forget.

Yes, the plan is to post a random sex thought on Thursdays. If I have one. There’s a reason why it’s called Random Sex Thought Thursday.

Yes, the plan is to post about the writing process on Sundays. If I have something to say.

Yes, the plan for Wet Panty Society is to post weekly pics of the designated Hawt Guy of the Month with bits of trivia. Not a problem. I schedule those. My version of Man Candy Mondays is nothing to joke about around here, my friends.

It’s all in fun.

When it starts to feel like work, I’ll stop.

What about you?

Peace, love and wet panties,


August 25, 2014

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About: Colin O’Donoghue

And now it’s time…to say goodbye…to our favorite pirate.

Get your final drool on, ladies. And check out this interesting quote about his lurvely wife:

“Not to belittle what we do as actors, but my wife Helen is a teacher, and she makes a real difference to kids. So it’s unusual to see people thinking of us as something special.”

What a sweet dude. Looking forward to the new season of ONCE UPON A TIME. What about you?







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August 25, 2014

Review: Lori Wilde’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Cupid, Texas Series Book #1)



 •  ISBN-13: 9780062218933  •  Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers  •  Publication date: 5/28/2013  •  Series: Cupid, Texas Series , #1  •  Format: Mass Market Paperback •  Pages: 384

• ISBN-13: 9780062218933
• Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
• Publication date: 5/28/2013
• Series: Cupid, Texas Series , #1
• Format: Mass Market Paperback
• Pages: 384


“When it hits, you just know . . .”
Natalie McCleary couldn’t believe her eyes—a lean-muscled, darkly tanned, nearly naked man stood in her path . . . and then it hit her: love. Everyone always told her it would hit like a thunderbolt, and she never believed them. But now she knew: practical, sensible Natalie was head over heels in love—with a stranger.
But ex-Navy SEAL Dade Vega wasn’t about to be a stranger for long. He’d ridden into Cupid on his motorcycle, vowing to keep a promise he’d made to a military buddy. But a single glimpse of Natalie—soaking wet and unexpectedly tempting—changed his life forever.
But how can he offer her his love, when he can’t even promise to stay in one place for longer than a week?

First, I have to admit that I’ve been ignorant when it comes to this author. I’ve been reading Lori Wilde‘s stuff for years–through the Harlequin Blaze line. When I was actively going to Barnes and Noble on a monthly basis, I was checking out the monthly titles this line offered. Inevitably, I would be reading something by her. Lately, even with my Nook, I have to say that it’s been a long time since I’ve read a Harlequin Blaze novel (I’ll be getting right back to that). Which is pretty sad seeing as how much I loved–still love–that line and don’t even remember which month I left off at.

But I digress.

A friend told me that she’d bought a Lori Wilde book and it made me check out her website. Something I’d never done before but I’m totally glad I did. She’s written 4 series and this book is part of one of them.


I want a real life Dade Vega to ride up on a Ducati (that’s not the kind of motorcycle he was riding, that’s just a personal preference) and sweep me off my feet.

Third, I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe in lust at first sight, but not love. In this cute little small town of Cupid, Tx, love at first sight is a pretty common occurrence. Natalie is the owner of a B & B when Dade, a former Navy SEAL, comes to town in search of his missing best friend and foster brother. One wouldn’t think that anything fishy could happen in a small town named after a cupid-shaped stalagmite, but, well, looks can be deceiving.

I really, really loved this story because, at heart, it was about two broken people finding their way to each other. Dade comes with childhood and war baggage. He doesn’t trust easily but when he does, he does it with his whole heart. His scars are more internal, on an emotional level. Natalie, on the other hand? Destiny’s Child wrote the song “Survivor” specifically for this woman. Her scars are both physical and emotional. She’s been through some serious shit in her life and I give her much props <raises fist> for coming out a stronger person on the other side. As Natalie and Dade get to know each other and trust one another, I loved how he became a different person around her. Like she made him a better man. She fell in love with him at first sight–name of book, obviously–and she slowly but surely chipped away at his walls to get to the vulnerable man underneath. I just wanted to reach out and hug these guys.

Loved, loved, loved the intimate moments.

Can’t wait to read more in this series.



Peace, love, and wet panties,


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August 24, 2014

WPS Shawties: House Atreides



WPS Shawrites are the fruits of my writing labors. Short-short stories.

This story is the prologue to a series I’m planning on writing. It picks up in the future, the heroine from my WIP YA series is now in her late 20′s, and based on that series, she’s discovered what she wants to do with her life. This series, as well as the YA series, is inspired by the unfortunate fact that Arizona is ranked 3rd in the nation for human trafficking incidents.

 NOTE: This is the version I wrote when I participated in The Sketchook Project’s 5 x 5 Series: Short Story.  but guaranteed, it won’t be the final version when I actually start writing the series. Inspirational pictures for the series can be found on my Pinterest page.

This was the first time Draven Atreides had left her two best friends speechless. In a back room of a restaurant owned by her former guardian’s wife, she sat back in her chair with a smile and relished the silence. Three seconds later, the explosion came.
“Oh my God, that’s so great!”
“I love the name for the spa. Elysian Fields Day Spa.”
“I friggin’ love the name of the nightclub. The Acropolis.”
“Yes, I humbly accept your offer to run the spa, chiquita.”
“Hells yeah, I’ll run the nightclub. And I’m sure as hell not going to be humble about it. Not with the bank I’ll be making.”
Draven laughed at her friends’ reaction, secretly relieved that they had agreed. She hadn’t been sure. She’d known Poe Danziger and Enrique “Rico” Casiano-Velasquez since her sophomore year in high school. They’d all kept in touch after graduation and they’d gone their separate ways. When she’d thought about what she’d wanted to do with her future, Poe and Rico were the only two friends she wanted by her side.
“I forgot you’d had a serious love jones for Greek mythology in college,” Rico teased, winking one liquid brown eye framed in guy liner.
“Yeah, no thanks to the flu that laid me low,” she said.
“And thank you Kevin Sorbo and your leather pants. He really could fill those things out,” he said in appreciation.
Indeed. Bored with daytime television, Draven had come across a marathon of Hercules, The Legendary Journeys. It had taken six hours of said actor in his faux leather to spike her interest and the next thing she knew, she was adding another class to her already full load. But it had been worth it.
“Elysian Fields looks like that spa we went to that one time in high school,” Poe said, looking over the blueprints in front of her.
“It is. I liked it as much as you did,” Draven said.
“And I am gonna have a blast outfitting the place,” Rico wiggled his fingers near his head. “The ideas are a-flowin’.”
“The Acropolis is going to be so cherry. Looking forward to booking acts. Including my own band,” Poe hooted, clapping her hands and doing a little dance in her chair.
Poe had always been musically inclined in high school. She’d been something of a wild child back then and has yet to change even now. Her hair may be longer, but the black strands are now streaked with red. She’d been living in New York, trying to do her thing with her all-girl band, Cherry Bomb, and Rico had been living in L.A., trying to do his acting thing, when Draven had told them about her plans. Since neither one of them was having much luck in their dream cities, they’d moved back to Arizona and Draven was truly grateful.
“So if Rico and I will be running the spa and the nightclub, what will you be doing?” Poe asked.
“Yeah. I know you’re not going to let that criminal justice degree go to waste,” he added.
“No, I’m not. I’m going to be running The Nemesis Group.”
Rico and Poe shared a glance. “That sounds a bit ominous.”
“Human trafficking is a pretty ominous issue. Especially in this state. While I was in the Youth Informant Division in high school, I couldn’t do jackshit. Even with the FBI’s resources. I was too young to make much of an impact, but I can now. TNG is going to be a specialized group. We’re going to step in when other government agencies can’t and help these girls. I’m going to get them off the street, give them sanctuary, and get them on the right track. Even if it means giving them an entire new life,” Draven explained.
“Wow. That’s cool,” Poe said in a hushed tone.
“And totally understandable. But we remember what it was like for you in the YID. If we hadn’t accidentally found you out, you never would’ve told us,” Rico said with a quirked eyebrow.
Draven gave him the look right back. “Still bitter about that, are we? I thought I explained that already.”
He flicked his wrist. “You did. And we got it. So, who’s the group exactly?”
“Twelve specially trained strippers.”
Rico, who had just taken a sip of his mimosa, promptly spewed it across the table. A litany of curses in Puerto Rican spilled from his mouth as he grabbed a napkin.
Poe turned her head to the side and strained her neck forward as if she was trying to hear. “Say what, now? I thought you said specially trained strippers.”
“I did.”
“Specially. Trained. Strippers,” she repeated slowly.
“So, what, by day, they’ll rescue girls from traffickers and by night strip down to G-strings?” she joked.
“You cannot be serious?”
Draven took a sip of her own mimosa, smiling smugly and saying nothing.
Rico and Poe looked at one another then back at Draven.
“You’re serious,” she said in disbelief. “Specially trained strippers? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that a bit over the top?”
“Mija, these dudes can’t save anyone if they’re too busy dancing,” Rico pointed out.
“And how are you going to protect their identities?” Poe wanted to know. “Women will take pictures, record the routine, something.”
Draven leaned forward, folding her arms on the table. “Look, we’re not going to be operating alone. We’ll be collaborating with major law enforcement agencies, from local vice units to State and US Attorneys General, Mayor’s offices, like-minded nonprofits, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the FBI, the Human Trafficking Executive Council, and students and faculty of leading universities. Like I said, we’re only going to step in when agencies get cockblocked. No pun intended. Their identities won’t be compromised, because they’ll never be seen. And if it comes to that, there is such a thing as disguise. Hel-lo, it’s Acting 101.
It’s genius, if you think about it. No one would ever suspect a stripper to interfere with their business. They could even act as bait. Besides, not all the guys will be dancing. But that’s not the point. The point is, I need a cover. I need to have businesses that are public knowledge to cover up the important one that’s not.”
“So, Elysian Fields and The Acropolis, that’s really happening? You have a building and money?” Poe asked.
“Yep. It’s all going to be under one house. House Atreides, Inc.”
“House Atreides, Inc. What’s that?” Rico asked.
“A 24-hour residential care facility that will house up to 48 females between the ages of eleven to seventeen. It’s going to be strategically located on five acres with many amenities, including six cottages arranged in a real peaceful neighborhood on an enclosed, gated campus,” Draven shot back. “That location will be on a need to know basis and that list is going to be as short as possible.”
“I like the name. Very Dune-ish,” Poe said.
Draven spun her champagne glass by the stem and glanced out the window. “Yeah. It happens to match my last name, too, but that’s kinda where I got it from. I know it’s fiction, but that family…they were something to be reckoned with, y’know? They were powerful and before long, everyone knew it. I liked the symbolism that represents and want the same thing for these girls. This house will make them strong and powerful again.”
“And what about TNG and the guys?”
“Oh, we can definitely help with that,” Rico spoke up, waving a hand in the air.
“Then you can start with this guy.”
At the sound of the additional voice in the room, the three friends jumped and whipped around. Draven’s former handler slash guardian, Tykota Blackhawk, walked towards them with a manila envelope in his hand. He tossed it on the table and before Draven could even lift a hand, Rico reached out and snatched it up. He lifted the flap, hurriedly pulled out the first thing, and froze.
“Madre de Dios,” he breathed reverently.
Poe got up and ran around the table to look over his shoulder.
Her jaw dropped.
“Sweet baby Jesus,” she breathed.
Draven rolled her eyes and snagged the envelope, digging inside for the rest of the contents.
“What’s Mr. Hot Stuff’s name?” he asked.
“Remyngton Dufrene. What is that, French?” Draven asked, glancing at Ty.
“I would imagine so, sweetling. Looks like he is from New Orleans,” he replied.
Rico sighed and Poe whimpered.
Draven continued reading the information: dark hair, dark eyes, over six feet, two hundred plus,  former Special Forces, expert in Jeet Kune Do. She glanced over at her friends, who were still drooling over the picture. “What does he look like?”
Rico flipped the picture around and she got her first look at Mr. Tall, Dark and Cajun. Being on the lighter side of African-American, Draven preferred her men tall, athletic and of mixed race. But even she had to admit her girly parts got a little tingly. Dark hair in that naturally tousled look men paid a fortune in hair products to achieve framed intense dark eyes that practically bored into your soul. Even in black and white. A black wife-beater and a clean-shaven chiseled jaw and this dude was ready for a starring role in The Outsiders remake. The I’m A Bad-Ass-Come-And-Get-Me look on his face completed the whole persona and had Draven changing his name to Tall, Dark and Cajun-Dangerous.
“Oh yes, indeedy, he will do quite nicely,” she murmured, then glanced down at his information again. ”I wonder how he’ll feel about stripping.”
“I can tell you how I’d feel about him stripping,” Rico said, his index finger tracing the man’s cheek.
“And I am out of here,” Ty mumbled before walking away.
Poe clapped her hands then rubbed them together. “Who’s next?”
“I don’t know, but I’m looking at the captain of my team right here,” Draven said, gazing unseeing out the window.
We may not be able to save all the girls, she thought, but we’re sure as hell going to try.

August 22, 2014

Currently Reading: Kristen Ashley’s THE GAMBLE



Peace, love, and wet panties


August 22, 2014

Follow Friday #66


Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

How does this work? You follow a blog, they follow you. Win. Win. Just make sure to follow back if someone follows you! With that being said, please review my Follow Policy before making any rash decisions.


What book/series do you think would make a better TV show than a movie?

 Miss Rachel at Parajunkee says Trueblood should be replaced by the Fever series. I’ve never read it, but honeychile, I will raise you $100 and say that Trueblood needs to be replaced with J.R. Ward‘s BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD series. You feel me?

And not on HBO, but Skinemax, er, Cinemax, baby. True?

The shit that goes down in those books is HBO-worthy, but it’s the sex scenes that would make it Cinemax-worthy. Right now, I have HBO and Showtime as my premium channels. I would give up Showtime in a heartbeat (I’ve got nuthin’ since DEXTER ended) if they made this series into a show on Cinemax.

I’m so excited about this idea, my Sweet Hole is salivating. Mmm…Rhage. Mmm…John Matthew.

I think a letter to some cable execs is in order here…

What about you?

Peace, love, and wet panties


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August 22, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 5: Who fostered my love of reading

book challenger

Day 5: Share your own story about what or who fostered the love of reading in yourself.


That’s easy: my parents. My Mom more than anything. Both of my parents are readers, but my mother was the one who read to us–my older sister and I. She was the one who sat and listened to us read to her. When she got us library cards…oh, it was on like Donkey Kong, people. Especially once I started reading those romance books. I was reading so much, she was taking me to the library every weekend. And in middle school, when they had book fairs and they would send the kids home with that little paper magazine to give you a chance to see the books that were coming?

Yeah, I was all over that like white on rice.

Any allowance I earned went to books and magazines (I could’ve bought stock in Tiger Beat back in the day I was such an avid fan of that mag). As I got older, my taste in reading never changed, but it’s interesting now to see how I’ve evolved when it comes to feeding my addiction. I used to hit up the book festivals and the VA used to host an annual used book sale every year. I was such a voracious reader that, after a while, I no longer wanted to read used books. Probably because, at one point, I’d already read them.  I became a book snob. I only wanted new books.

I stopped going to the library and started frequenting bookstores. Preferably Barnes and Noble. Now. Back then, it was Waldenbooks.

My first bookshelf was in my closet. The shelf in there was probably supposed to be used for clothes or shoes or something, but back then (during my high school years) I used it to hold my books. Back then, I was hooked on the Loveswept and Silhouette Desire series’. When I needed space, I would do a little spring cleaning and donate my books to the library. Loveswept became defunct (but I hear it’s been brought back to life) and I moved on from SD to Harlequin Blaze.

But I’m digressing.

The fondest memory I have is me and Mom home alone on a Saturday.  My sister had moved out ages ago and my Dad was at some meeting. It was just me and her, and the house was quiet.

And we did nothing but read.

All day.

I was in my room and she was in the family room, but there was no radio. No TV. Just reading time.

I still love days like that.

Thank you, Mom, for instilling in me the love of the written word.


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August 22, 2014

Review: Cat Johnson’s RED, HOT, AND BLUE SERIES: Part 1


I like reading military-themed romance books. As the daughter of a retired Army Colonel, I never got the right to label myself an “Army Brat.” We never had to move for the military. Not even once. So I live vicariously through these types of books, soaking up the information about the military in all its various forms. I liked these three books for different reasons: military life through different POVs.

Pub. Date: December 18, 2012 Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book, 216pp Series: Red, Hot, & Blue Series ISBN-13: 9781609288549 ISBN: 1609288548

Pub. Date:
December 18, 2012
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
NOOK Book, 216pp
Red, Hot, & Blue Series


Emily Price is thrilled to be assigned to an ad campaign featuring one of Uncle Sam’s finest. What better to break up the parade of smooth, perfect models than a rough, war-hardened alpha male? Maybe she’ll even get lucky and find romance. Unfortunately, when she meets her model, he’s more caveman than Prince Charming. Now her dreams of love—and her career—are dangling precariously from his callused fingertips. Staff Sergeant David Hawk Hawkins never imagined refusing a command…until he loses a bet and is ordered off the battlefield and into a new role: Poster boy for the Army’s recruiting campaign.

From the start, their relationship is more fire-and-ice than fairytale. Yet beneath their sparring simmers an attraction that finally explodes into a night of lovemaking that haunts them to opposite sides of the globe after they part. When Hawk and Emily are thrown together again, this time on Hawk’s turf, flying bullets could settle their battle before it begins.

Staff Sargeant David Hawkins has been chosen, against his will, to represent the Army in a recruiting campaign. And Emily is his handler. And even though he starts out being difficult, David warms up a little and the next thing you know, they’re sleeping together. Unfortunately, David’s being deployed to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan the following day, so nothing really comes of their relationship.

At least, not at first.

This story was a quick read for me and the main thing I didn’t like about it was that I felt shafted when it came to the love scenes. Due to the fact that he was being deployed, there was only one great love scene.

MODEL SOLDIER Wet Panty Rating



Pub. Date: March 5, 2013 Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book, 202pp Series: Red, Hot, & Blue Series ISBN-13: 9781609288556 ISBN: 1609288556

Pub. Date:
March 5, 2013
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
NOOK Book, 202pp
Red, Hot, & Blue Series


Sergeant Ryan Pettit blogs anonymously as Groundpounder, recording non-confidential details of a deployment where every day feels exactly the same—until a female reporter shows up at his firebase. Though his orders are clear—protect her, but make her life so miserable she high tails it back to London—the last thing he wants is to watch her leave in a cloud of Afghanistan dust. Intrigued by Grondpounder’s blog posts, Vicki Vanover flirted, bribed, and outright threatened her way to the front lines. Nothing has ever stopped her from getting a story, but an accidental night in Ryan’s bunk is a distraction—and attraction—she never anticipated.

Yet Afghanistan leaves Vicki with more questions than answers. Why won’t Ryan let her anywhere near the local women she wants to interview? Who is the mysterious, red-headed Lt. Wales everyone treats with such deference? Worst of all, why is watching Ryan run toward danger, instead of away from it, enough to stop her heart.

So this story, in a way, is connected to the one above in the way that Ryan is part of the unit that Sargeant David Hawkins leads. And he’s writing about his experience–the nonconfidential parts, that is– on his milblog. I found that highly interesting because readers get the experience, too. I felt like I was right there with him in that hell hole. What I really loved about this story is that Cat Johnson incorporated a real news story! One that I remember, to say the least. This is a tiny spoiler, so read on if you dare. Remember back in the mid-2000s when Prince Harry was doing his military service and the next thing you know he’s being pulled out and sent home? Yeah. No one really knows what happened, but Cat puts her own spin on it and I thought it was downright awesome.

We’ve been at war for so long–and have been brainwashed to believe that Afghanistan is our enemy–that we forget the innocent ones and what it’s doing to them and their way of life. Vicki is a reporter and is particularly interested in the plight of Afghani women. And she’ll do whatever it takes to get her story. In the process, she meets the author of the milblog she’s been reading and flirting with through emails: Ryan.

Two issues that bugged me:

1) The Love Scene Shaft. Again. Due to the fact that Ryan and Vicki were in a war zone and fraternization between military personnel and civilians is prohibited during war time, there weren’t enough love scenes. The couple that occurred were quick and intense, for obvious reasons, but once again I felt shafted.

2) Ryan’s Blog. I felt his blog posts should’ve been in a different font and/or italicized. Those sections were clearly indented, but in the same font as the novel, so there was really no clear distinction between his posts and the regular text.



Pub. Date: February 12, 2012 Publisher: Cat Johnson Sold By: Smashwords Format: NOOK Book Series: Red, Hot, & Blue Series BN ID: 2940033276097

Pub. Date:
February 12, 2012
Cat Johnson
Sold By:
Red, Hot, & Blue Series


A special assignment takes SpecOp BB from working undercover to under the covers…

Billy Bob “BB” Dalton thought he’d left his career as an underwear model behind when he became a Navy SEAL assigned to a team of special ops where no one is supposed to have a past or an identity. Now the military wants him to be the poster boy for their new recruitment marketing campaign, and during what was supposed to be his Christmas leave no less.

Luckily his ‘handler’ turns out to be hot enough to melt icicles in winter, but can BB convince this slightly older and definitely jaded career-focused marketing executive to let him go from working undercover to working her under the covers?

Reader Note: The events in this story take place after Jimmy (Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 3) and before Model Soldier (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel).

So, in a different setting, Billy Bob “BB” Dalton is in the other sector of the military: Special Ops. What’s even more interesting is that he was a former model turned Navy SEAL! What the what? I know! Honestly, how does that even happen? I look at male models these days and think, “There is no way in hell these metrosexual pretty boys would make it through boot camp, let alone the infamous Hell Week.” I also liked the younger man/older woman theme. I’ve always been a fan of that concept because the love scenes always seem hotter and this was no exception. Rawr!

On another level, this kind of helped me figure out a dilemma with the series I’m planning on writing. BB was pulled in to be the poster boy for a military recruiting campaign. You can’t have the world see your face when you’re in a special branch of the military that requires you to remain unseen, but they made it work. So now I have an idea of how to work around that.

This is a free download and since I enjoy the series, I thought I might try it. Gotta love free.

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