February 8, 2016

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About Derek Hough

~ He moved to London at age 12 and lived there for 10 years, where he attended and graduated from the Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts.

~ At age 18, he debuted in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, and stayed with the show for the final six months of its run at the London Palladium.


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February 2, 2016

Writing Tip Tuesday #31 – Fight Scenes


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted one of these, only because it seems like I’ve been reading the same thing across all the writerly blogs. I only reblog what speaks to me and this particular article spoke to me, so here I am.

As you may or may not know, this site will be redesigned into an official author site. Wet Panty Stories will, eventually, become just Evolet Yvaine: Erotic Romance Author. I plan to write serial fiction (in real-time, not post portions of a completed novel) and you’ll be able to read my stories on the site. The first series I plan to start writing is about a group of six guys.

Six guys that are male exotic dancers.

Six guys that are male exotic dancers…who happen to work undercover for an organization that rescues children from sex slavery.

A pretty deep and serious theme, yes, but sexy times and wet panties will abound, I assure you. You did read that part about me being an Erotic Romance Author, right? [If you want to be notified when the serials start, feel free to sign up for the Wet Panty Serials Newsletter in the left sidebar]. I’m mirroring my fictitious organization after a real-life nonprofit organization that actually conducts these rescue missions. While the main jump team members of this organization–the ones who interact with the traffickers–have a military background, the group of volunteers they take with them do not.

These volunteers–both men and women–act as “partygoers.” The children are brought to a location, the main jump team members pretend to “buy” the children and the “partygoers,” particularly the women in the group, keep the children calm. And tell them them they are going to be rescued. The main jump team members are “arrested” right along with the traffickers when the local authorities raid the party, but the important fact is that children have been rescued.

After doing some research, I learned that if chosen, a volunteer is taught the basics of Krav Maga over the course of a weekend orientation. What I forgot to ask my contact was if any of the volunteers have ever had to actually use their training (something to think about before I start writing…).

With that being said, I decided to present my six guys in the same way. As volunteer “partygoers” on domestic missions. None of them will have a military background. As you know, exotic dancers need to stay in shape, so they’re always going to the gym anyway. Having learned Krav Maga will be an added benefit. And the hero in Book One practices Bruce Lee’s form of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do, so he will have an additional edge to his fighting skills.

If it ever comes down to that.

I have yet to write a fight scene but when I’m ready to start writing about my six guys, A.J. Scudiere’s tips on “How to Write Realistic Fight Scenes” will definitely come in handy:

The Four Most Important Factors in Realistic Fight Scenes:

  1. Blocking – Readers have to know who is where when.
  2. Terminology – This depends on your reader. But unless you have a very specific audience, all trained in the same style, your terminology should be as general as possible.
  3. Fighting Style – Just like dialogue should stay true to character, so should the fight.
  4. Clarity – A fight scene is one of those things that grabs a reader and drags them deeper. When anything gets confusing, the story loses them.

A.J. also suggested enlisting an expert to help as you write realistic fight scenes. And she was kind enough to share her special resource group, the AuthorsCombatAcademy.com on Facebook, who will provide free tips, help finding experts of all ilks (not just fighting!), and writing support all year long. The group is free to join, by the way.

Sometimes, at the end of the posts, I read the comments to see what other people have to say. There’s usually good advice there, too, so I’m glad I kept reading. Commenter Khalid from AceFiction provided these additional tips:

– Show that characters are not flawless badasses: let them fall prey to confusion, hesitate before doing something reckless or let out screams of pain. Make their struggle relatable.

– Showcase cleverness: that’s a huge part of the entertainment factor in a fight. Using feints, waiting for the opponent to get tired, or even taking advantage of the environment and resorting to nearby objects. [Think Jason Statham in all his TRANSPORTER movies or any of the James Bond movies]

– Give an emotional weight to a fight, have some real stakes. Not just the hero wiping the floor with some nameless goon. Make it personal.

– Avoid cliché lines of dialogue that we’ve heard God knows how many times. Sometimes a silent fight is more impactful.

– You can add characterization during a fight: make characters cocky, sadistic, hesitant, reckless, treacherous, determined etc or reveal their motivation (without indulging in long-winded monologues).

– Show consequences of the fight: an injury which becomes an obstacle later. Or the character has to take a break to treat his wounds and recover. You could even modify character design a bit.

So, do you have fight scenes in your stories? If so, how do you make them realistic? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,




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February 1, 2016

Wet Panty Society – February: Derek Hough


Happy Lurve Month, peoples! As you may, or may not, have realized, I’ve been conducting this series in alphabetical order. Technically, there should be “K” inductee this month. BUT, this time, I’m taking it way back to the third letter in the alphabet. After reading an article–and watching a video–of the Lip Sync Battle between Channing Tatum and his wife led to watching YouTube videos of this dude and his last dance partner, Bindi Irwin, I had to make this particular hottie an honorary inductee.

Welcome to the Society…DEREK HOUGH.


Date of Birth: 17 May 1985, SLC, Utah

Height: 5’10

Where You May Have Seen Him: As a pro ballroom dancer on DANCING WITH THE STARS(2007-2015), as a dancer with a past in MAKE YOUR MOVE (2013), and on a couple of eppies of NASHVILLE (2014).

Now, to some of you, Derek may not seem like a hottie. But he’s fabulous to look at and most importantly, this. Dude. Can. DANCE. Seriously. What’s even more amazing is that he’s uber talented. He’s been on DWTS for, what, six years? And he’s had to come up with completely original dance routines.

Every week.

For six years.

Six. Years. O_O

That’s amazeballs.

Let me start by saying that I love all things dance.

I’ve seen the majority of the dance movies out there: DIRTY DANCING (a few times), DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS (a few times), FOOTLOOSE (both versions), CENTER STAGE (a couple of times), SHALL WE DANCE (both versions), all the STEP UP movies, MAO’S LAST DANCER (absolutely beautiful), SAVE THE LAST DANCE (1 & 2). I could go on.

However, my favorite dance movie of all time is surprisingly not DIRTY DANCING or FOOTLOOSE, but STRICTLY BALLROOM (1992).

strictly ballroom

It was filmed in Australia, stars all Australian actors (including hottie-at-the-time Paul Mercurio), and has great humorous moments. What I love about the movie is the fact that the hero breaks the rules of ballroom dancing. He “risks his career by performing an unusual routine and sets out to succeed with a new partner.”


Watching that movie made me love ballroom dancing, so whenever I can catch a competition on PBS, I watch it. I love the costumes, the couples, the dance moves, and the Freestyle Dance category where they can incorporate over-the-head lifts.

After seeing Derek in the dance movie MAKE YOUR MOVE last year (it was on the premium channel, not in the theater), it reminded me of my favorite movie. If they decide to reboot that movie or come out with a sequel, I think Derek would be fabbity-fab.

Here’s another surprising fact I’m going to lay on you: the ONLY reality show I watch, on the regular (every once on a while, I’ll watch THE VOICE, MASTER CHEF JR or DONUT SHOWDOWN), and has a perm home in my DVR shows-to-record  is SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I know that Derek has danced on DWTS show for years, but I’ve never watched it.



Sit down before you fall down, people.

Before you start reprimanding me and booting me out of your Friend Circle, let me tell you why.

SYTYCD is more real to me.

Real dancers.

Real prize money.

Real opportunities for dancers to advance their career (i.e. get on the cover of a dance mag, become a member of a dance company, become a back-up dancer for a musician, become a back-up dancer in a dance movie, become a dancer in a Broadway show, etc.).

DWTS is all about the entertainment value. A chance for the public to see their favorite stars (current and not so current) do something out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the pros. I know that shit is hard work. I’ve never tried ballroom dancing, but I know that shit is hard. I’ve seen the competitions. Those pros make it look so easy, but I’m out of breath and my feet hurt just watching them!!

But all you get is a fucking statue of a mirror ball at the end.

And the title of DWTS winner.

<shrugs> So? And? The point is…?

It just seems a little superficial to me.

But that’s just my opinion.

And I’m totally digressing. <kicks soapbox under the bed>

Hope you all enjoy this short month and the eye candy that is Derek. Welcome to the Society, dude.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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January 25, 2016

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About Justin Timberlake

~ Has two half-brothers, Jonathan and Stephen.

~ Is a fan of Björk.

~ Cites his greatest fears as dying unloved, snakes, sharks, spiders and falling unconscious at a concert from the stuffed animals fans throw on stage.

~ He had a younger half-sister, Laura Katherine, who died minutes after birth. She was the first child of his father, Randy Timberlake, and stepmother Lisa.

~ Broke his left foot in December 2002 during dance rehearsals.

~ Broke his thumb on stage in early 1997, when he slipped on a puddle of water that was a result of the audience being sprayed down due to extreme temperatures during the outdoor concert.

~ He is a staunch liberal Democrat and a solid supporter of Barack Obama.

And a final quote:

[in 2002, about fame] All you can do as an artist is do what you think is an extension of you. You put down on paper . . . who you are. That’s what being an artist is all about. And when it gets done, you don’t look back at it and say, “Oh, I could have done that better”.

And now it’s time…to say goodbye…to the guy who brought sexy back.

Get your final drool on, ladies (and gents, if you swing that way. There’s no diss-crimination ovah herre).

Hope you enjoyed the month of January and the eye candy that was Justin Timberlake. So which version of Justin do you like? Suit and tie? Shirtless? Back in his NSYNC days? Or all the above?














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January 24, 2016

Buzzfeed Sunday #8

Which “True Blood” Guy Would You End Up With?


You got: Alcide

Alcide is a vessel of pure animal lust. 100% man, he’ll screw you like a god and protect you with his life. Grrrrrr. [Now this I don’t mind. I was Team Bill and then Team Eric..but Sookie hooked up with Alcide, it was just a reminder about why I was so Team Jacob during the whole Twilight craze. Heat! I get cold so easily and I wouldn’t want to be with someone who’s just as cold as I am. Alcide would definitely keep me warm at night]

January 18, 2016

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About Justin Timberlake

~ He collects sneakers and sports jerseys.

~ Sang at the Grand Ole Opry when he was ten years old.

~ Was a member of the National Beta Club. {What the hell is that?}



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January 17, 2016

Book Blogger Hop #12

book blogger hop

Welcome to the new Book Blogger Hop brought to you by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer!

If you want schedule next week’s post, click here to find the next prompt question. To submit a question, fill out this form.

What to do:

1. Post on your blog answering this question:

Do you think you will ever get tired of blogging

2. Enter the link to your post in the linky list  (enter your Blog Name and the direct link to your post answering this week’s question. Failure to do so will result in removal of your link).

3. Visit other blogs in the list and comment on their posts. Try to spend some time on the blogs reading other posts and possibly become a new follower. The purpose of the hop is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.

Sometimes I do. I was doing a lot of stuff: Wet Panty Society, Writing Tip Tuesday, Wet Panty Wednesday. I was participating in some weekly memes and then recently added BuzzFeed Sundays. Since the New Year started, I’ve stopped doing Wednesdays and Tuesdays, will more than likely cut out BuzzFeed Sundays, and haven’t participated in my usual weekly memes in a long time. This has been the first one in quite a while.

It can be a lot of work. This site is going to be redesigned this year into more of an author site and it’s going to include my serial fiction. This portion of the website will be like an actual blog, but I was cutting out all the other stuff to prepare to focus more on my writing. I’ll be publishing in serial format on here on a weekly basis and won’t have time to do the other stuff. The writing and the WPS main feature will keep me busy enough.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


January 17, 2016

Buzzfeed Sunday #7

Which Superhero Should You Hook Up With?


You got: Superman

Superman isn’t cool, but he’s handsome and earnest and TOTALLY RIPPED. He’s a very romantic guy, and is the type to take you some place amazing on a moment’s notice. You know, because it’d only take a moment for him to take you there. [I can dig it. Lol. Especially if it’s Henry]

January 11, 2016

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About Justin Timberlake

When he is unable to fall asleep, he sings himself to sleep. Also, he founded The Justin Timberlake Foundation through the Giving Back Fund. The foundation’s goals are similar to the Save the Music Foundation.

I wouldn’t mind a little Justin lullaby when I can’t get to sleep.



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January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! Wet Panty Society – January: Justin Timberlake


Happy New Year, people! Did you all party safe? My New Years was very low key. HOWEVER, if given the chance to party down, I’d love to ring in the new year with this month’s inductee.

Welcome to the Wet Panty Society…JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!



Name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Birthdate: 31 January 1981, Memphis, Tennessee

Height: 6’1

Where You May Have Seen Him: MODEL BEHAVIOR (2007), ALPHA DOG (2006), as Christina Ricci’s anxiety-riddled boyfriend in BLACK SNAKE MOAN (2006), the voice of Artie in SHREK THE THIRD (2007), THE LOVE GURU (2008), THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010), as the voice of Boo Boo in YOGI BEAR (2010), BAD TEACHER (2011), IN TIME (2011), TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE (2013) with the wonderful Clint Eastwood, and RUNNER RUNNER (2013) with not-so-convincing-bad-guy Ben Affleck.

Justin first came on my radar as a member of NSYNC. Although, at the time, I  thought JC Chasez was much cuter. This girl? Big fan of boy bands. New Kids on the Block (Jordan), Backstreet Boys (Kevin), NSYNC (JC and Justin). But the older Justin got and he started changing his hair, I started leaning towards him. Unlike NKOTB, at the height of their career, I never saw these guys in concert.

I did see 98 Degrees.

Unimpressive, to the say least.

But I digress.

What sealed it for me was Justin’s skits on SNL.

The music shorts with Andy Sandberg (Dick in a Box, anyone?).

The human advertisements where he dressed up in something and came up with on the spot jingles. (“Bring it down to veganviiiiiilllle”).

Those skits had me rollin’, let me tell you. That’s some shit I would watch over and over.

He’s done very well for himself as a solo artist over the years. Moreso than the other members of his boy band. I bought his first two solo albums, but nothing after that. The one thing I have noticed, though. This boy can move.

He is a fabulous dancer.

When he’s not dancing by himself.

I noticed that he’s totally on point when it’s him and his backup dancers (almost like it was when he was with NYSNC). But when he’s dancing solo, the moves are repetitive and always a little Michael Jackson-esque. But that’s just me. And the boy can still move.

And we still welcome him into a most secretive society of hotness.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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