September 19, 2014

Review: Marie Hall’s GERARD’S BEAUTY (Kingdom Series, Book #2)


Pub. Date: October 26, 2012 Publisher: Marie Hall Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book Series: Kingdom Series, Book BN ID: 2940015887303

Pub. Date:
October 26, 2012
Marie Hall
Sold By:
Barnes & Noble
Kingdom Series, Book


A not so classic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, as seen through the eyes of the villain…

Betty Hart has had it with men. Jilted in love, her life now consists of shelving books by day, watching too much Anime by night, and occasionally dressing up like a superhero on the weekends with her fellow ‘Bleeding Heart’ nerds. Men are not welcome and very much unwanted. Especially the sexy Frenchman who saunters into her library reeking of alcohol and looking like he went one too many rounds in the ring.

Gerard Caron is in trouble. Again. Caught with his pants down (literally) he’s forced to seek asylum on Earth while his fairy godmother tries to keep Prince Charming from going all ‘Off with his head’. Maybe, messing around with the King’s daughter hadn’t been such a great idea after all, not that Gerard knew the silly redhead was a princess. But his fairy godmother knows the only way to save his life is to finally pair Gerard with his perfect mate, whether he’s willing or not.

From the moment Gerard lays eyes on the nerdy librarian he knows he must have her, but Betty is unlike any woman he’s ever known. He thought Betty would come as willingly to his bed as every other woman before her, but she is a woman who demands respect and even… horror of all horrors… love. Is it possible for a self-proclaimed Casanova to change his ways?

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

When and where did you buy this ebook? 8-31-14 from my Nook. This was an ebook freebie deal.

Did you finish it? Yes

What surprises did it hold–if any?

~A retelling of a classic fairytale, Beauty & the Beast, from the POV of the villain.

~ Due to the nature of Gerard’s punishment, the love scene didn’t occur until towards the end of the book. I wasn’t too happy about that.

~ Cinderella and Prince Charming had a daughter.

~ Belle’s a bitch

~ And so is the queen of the Fairy Godmother’s. A woman spurned and all that…

What scenes will stay with you?

~ ComicCon. I got a kick out of that since those conventions are interesting for people watching purposes.

~ The scenes where Betty interacts with her nephew, Briley, who has Downs Syndrome.

~ The scene where Briley teaches Gerard how to read. Totally awesome.

What characters will stay with you?

~ Betty – For the simple fact that she’s into books, superheroes, and dressing up like a superhero.

~ Danika – She’s the fairy godmother to all the  5 “bad boys” in the Kingdom. Because bad boys need love, too. Love her.

~ Gerard – Because readers get to see a different representation of a villain.

Have you read anything else by this author? No, but I plan to read the other titles in this series.

What will you do now with this ebook? I archived it so I can possibly lend it to my friend later.

Is it available today? Yes

What’s the verdict?




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September 18, 2014

Currently Reading: Lori Foster’s HARD KNOCKS


I am back in the land of hawtie MMA fighters, people. Totally diggin’ it.


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September 18, 2014

Booking Through Thursday #61: Family


Brought to you by Booking Through Thursday:

Copy the questions, paste them into your blog and answer them.

When you’re done, go back to BTT and post a quick comment or trackback letting everyone know so they can read your responses. Be sure to leave a link to your actual post! (Just type in the web-address–Wordpress will automatically turn it into a link for you.)

If you don’t have a blog yet, then just post your answers in the Comments area for the set of questions you are responding to.

Lastly, no, you do NOT have to answer on Thursdays. Please feel free to answer any time you want, we’re just glad to have you


Do other people in your family also like to read? Or are you in this on your own?


We are definitely a family of readers. But instead of posting another long post about that, I’ll refer to a similar post I wrote during a book challenge hosted by Rachel over at Parajunkee’s View.

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September 18, 2014

Life as a Blogger #3: Languages


It’s a weekly feature (on Thursday’s). Each week Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat will choose a subject and talk about that subject in her life. The topics will be non-bookish so that you can get to know her on a more personal level! She definitely encourages everyone to participate, too. She wants this to be meme style with a linky for you to add your posts to. She wants to know more about you guys as well!


This week: Langauges

Unfortunately, I only speak English. I took Spanish in high school, but only took what was required. When I was going to school full time, I would sometimes watch Spanish novellas at night just to see if I could understand what was going on. Surprisingly enough, I would catch some words, but in general, I could get the gist of the story.

I would love to learn Chinese because I like watching martial arts movies. Some of the ones I’ve seen–Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, for instance–have had the Chinese with English subtitles. While watching a movie like that can be distracting,  I think it’s a beautiful language.

What about you?

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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September 17, 2014

Review: Sidney Halston’s AGAINST THE CAGE (Worth the Fight Series, Book #1)


 ISBN-13: 9780553390964 Publisher: Random House Publishing Group Publication date: 5/27/2014 Series: Worth the Fight Sold by: Random House Format: eBook Pages: 256

ISBN-13: 9780553390964
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 5/27/2014
Series: Worth the Fight
Sold by: Random House
Format: eBook
Pages: 256

For Chrissy Martin, returning to her Florida hometown always seems to bring bad luck. The day starts with a breakup text, followed by a jailhouse phone call from her troublemaker brother. Now a routine traffic stop has ended with her accidentally punching an officer . . . in a delicate place. Then Chrissy realizes that the hot cop on the receiving end of her right hook is none other than the man from her teenage fantasies.
Jack Daniels knows how to take a hit. After all, when he’s not chasing reckless drivers, he’s kicking ass in a mixed martial arts ring. So what takes his breath away isn’t the low blow, but the woman who dealt it: a gorgeous knockout with legs Jack wouldn’t mind being pinned under—who just so happens to be his best friend’s nerdy little sister, all grown up. Soon their instant chemistry leads to a sizzling affair, but Jack and Chrissy are fighting an uphill battle if they want to make love last beyond the final bell.

Genre: Adult contemp romance

When and where did you buy this ebook? 8-22-14 through my Nook. I saw the cover on FB, read the blurb, and bought it.

Did you finish it? Yes

What surprises did it hold–if any?

~ The conflict wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Chrissy’s brother was fighting in some underground fights to raise money for his own gym and I thought for sure something more serious was going to happen. They weren’t legal fights and for some reason, I was thinking there was going to be a darker gambling-debt-to-the-mob kind of sitch.

~ And Jack’s a cop! He fights only once or twice a year. That was an unusual twist, seeing as how most series about MMA/cage fighters depicts the character as being a professional in the sport. Being a fighter was a more of a hobby for Jack, unlike Chrissy’s brother who’s a pro.

What scenes will stay with you?

~ The love scenes, of course. Big, muscular MMA fighters seem to make the best lovers.

~ The scene where Chrissy tries to talk to the bar waitress into leaving her abusive boyfriend. Physical abuse was the underlying theme in this book and Chrissy herself was a victim. She was trying to help a girl that her brother liked, but you know how people are. You can only tell someone where you’re coming from and hope they listen. If not, they’ll figure it out for themselves, whether it be leaving the bastard or waiting until the bastard puts you in the hospital (or worse) before you decide to leave.

What characters will stay with you? Chrissy and Jack. She’s a doctor, but more of a Doctor’s Across Borders kind of doctor. She just wanted to take care of her family, but it was hard to do that when she felt guilty fr being the one responsible for killing her father. And it didn’t help that her other made her feel more guilty about it. But as we all know, when things get said in the heat of drunken hurt/anger/grief, the instigator never remembers. Never. Unfortunately, the sober person does. And I loved Jack’s name. Jack Daniels. Seriously? Poor guy got teased mercilessly and I probably would’ve disowned my parents if they’d named me that.

Have you read anything else by this author? No, but I plan to. This title is Book #1 in the Worth the Fight series and I plan to put the other two titles in this series on my Wish List.

What will you do now with this ebook? I deleted it because it’s not lendable, but I’ll still tell my friend about it.

Is it available today? Yes

What’s the verdict?






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September 16, 2014

Currently Reading: Sugar Jamison’s DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD (Perfect Fit Series, Book #1)


Thoroughly enjoying the spunkiness that is Ellison.


What about you? What are you all reading right now?

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


September 15, 2014

New items in the sidebar

Okay, so, if you take a look at the left sidebar, you’ll notice a couple of new items: My Book Boyfriend List and my Fuck Bucket List. The BB list will continue to grow the more I read and find memorable guys to add to the list. The other list, now, that’s a little take on the Bucket List. Everyone has a list of places they want to go before they die, right? What about a list of people they’d want to fuck?  I realize it’s not realistic.

In an alternate universe? Maybe. The show FRINGE gave us possibilities.

If I were an actress? Possibly. I’d be okay with a steamy love scene.

If I were a supermodel? Most definitely. At that point, I might be on someone’s Fuck Bucket List.

There’s no chance in my lifetime that I’d be able to get with the guys on my list. But I can dream, right? There’s a reason why I’m a fiction writer.

So take a peek. Just scroll down under the pic of the monthly WPS.

Let me know what you think.

And if you have a Book Boyfriend or Fuck Bucket List, put a link in the Comments so I can go check it out.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


September 15, 2014

Review: Kate Meader’s HOT AND BOTHERED (Hot in the Kitchen Series, Book #3)


From now on, I’ll be reviewing my books in a somewhat different format: the interview format similar to some dude named Paul Magrs. I actually think it’s easier and less time consuming than the way I’ve been doing it.


•ISBN-13: 9781455599653  •Publisher: Grand Central Publishing •Publication date: 3/4/2014 •Series: Hot in the Kitchen  •Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc. •Format: eBook  •Pages: 384

• ISBN-13: 9781455599653
• Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
• Publication date: 3/4/2014
• Series: Hot in the Kitchen
• Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
• Format: eBook
• Pages: 384

A Fire They Can’t Put Out . . .

Although her baby boy keeps her plate full, Jules Kilroy is ready to take her love life off the back burner. Despite a bevy of eligible bachelors, it’s her best friend, Taddeo DeLuca, who is fueling her hormones with a generous serving of his mouth-watering Italian sexiness. But Jules learned her lesson once before when she went in for a kiss, only to have Tad reject her. She’s vowed never to blur the lines again . . .

After a lifetime of excuses and false starts, Tad has finally opened a wine bar, a deal made even sweeter when Jules joins his staff. Lovers come and go, and he’s had his share, but friendships like theirs last forever. Still, ever since he tasted her luscious lips, he can’t stop fantasizing about what could be. Then she joins an online dating site-and the thought of his Jules with another man makes Tad’s blood boil. Even if he gets burned, Tad can’t stop himself from turning up the heat this time.

Genre: Adult contemporary Romance

When and where did you buy this ebook?  From the Wish List on my Nook on 8-22-14

Did you finish it? Yes

What surprises did it hold–if any?

~ British accents and the British words they used. In a previous book, the female character supposedly had a British accent, but you couldn’t tell in her dialogue. It was definitely more pronounced in this book and I liked that.

~ The female lead suffers from dyslexia, an issue that doesn’t come up often in romance novels. Readers get a peek into how Jules deals with it and how Tad helps her deal with it.

What scenes will stay with you? The love scenes, of course. Tad is quintessential Italian Stallion. And Tad’s interaction with Jules’s baby boy, Evan. Adorbs!

What characters will stay with you? Taddeo DeLuca. OMG, he’s fuckin’ hawt and my new Book Boyfriend. Not only that, but he cooks, he’s a wine expert (so he can keep me in Moscato) and he speaks Italian! And, as well know, Italian men are The Shit in bed. Unh! Also, it’s apparent that family means a great deal to him. When his parents were killed in a car accident that he thinks was his fault, he stepped out of the kitchen. He was very close to his mother, who taught him how to cook, and once she was gone, “his light went out.” I can totally understand where he’s coming from.  I have a close relationship with my parents as well and if they both died together (which I really hope does happen) I would be completely devastated and depressed. For about a year. Maybe more. Who knows.

Have you read anything else by this author? No, I haven’t. I went out of order when reading this series. While I don’t plan to read any of the other books in this series, she does have a firefighter series that I plan to add to my Wish List.

What will you do now with this ebook? Delete it, since it’s not lendable.

Is it available today? Yes





Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


September 15, 2014

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About: Eric Balfour

Did you know…he was in a band called Blessed with Soul with Brittany Murphy (God rest her soul) during the early 1990s?

Yeah, not only that, but he was–maybe still is?–the lead singer and rapper for the urban/funk band FredAlba, who later changed their name to Born as Ghosts…and got their rock on. Liked this song “Light On”.

Currently, he and his fiance, Erin Chiamulon, started a clothing company, Electric and Rose,   “A life style brand dedicated to functionality & movement w/out sacrifice of form or spirit. Yoga/Surf/LifeStyle”.

Yoga definitely does his body good. Unh!

‘Scuse me while I go make some biscuits…



Peace, love, and wet panties,


September 14, 2014

Wet Panty Writing Process #9: I vs They


In my Other Life, my first two YA standalones were written in third person.

My current WIP YA series is written in first person from the POV of my heroine.

I’ve decided that when I start writing my books, they’ll be written in third person.


I’ve discovered that when it comes to reading romance, I like when I can see into the heads of both characters. I’m disappointed if I pick up a a book by a new author and find out that it’s written from the POV of the heroine. Especially when the guy is basically described as Sex on a Stick. I want to know what he’s thinking and feeling.

I hate it even more when the author writes another book and tells that same story, but from the POV of the hero.

What the fuck ever.

My only fear in writing in third person is that I don’t get the male view right. I don’t want to make him too pussy-ish or too arrogant Neanderthal-ish.

Oh, the dilemma.

Here’s the part where I study my favorite authors who pull this off really well. Maybe even contact them for advice.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,