July 7, 2015

Writing Tip Tuesday #14: Dorit Sasson

Being a newbie in this genre is a little intimidating, I have to admit. One of the things I often think about is “How am I going to find readers?” Dorit Sasson’s blog post about How Writers Can Use Strategic Blogging to Find Readers, was helpful. She talked about finding your niche, blogging strategy, etc. and my first thought was “I’m not going to have time for this.” A lot of my favorite authors only seem to blog when they have new releases coming out. I may end up doing the same, but the takeaways I plan to use are the ones Dorit suggested for guest blogging. When my books come out, I’ll have to get them reviewed.

Which means finding blog reviewers and finding stuff to write about.

And there’s the rub.

What do I write about and how can I keep the ideas fresh for each new blog site?

Three ideas that Dorit suggested:
1) Share your own personal experience and how it led to writing your novel. This will be easy seeing as how I talk about it all the time when I’m telling people why I switched genres.
2) Blog about the research process. I did quite a bit of research for Book 1. If I make a list of all the topics I researched, I can make a post out of each one.
3) Blog about your themes. I never thought about this. I’m a pantser when it comes to my writing. I just write what comes to me, never analyzing the meaning behind it. Realizing that I can use theme as a blog post will force me to think about what I’m writing.

So, how do you find readers for your books? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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July 6, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo Progress Update: Week 1

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-Profile 5 days in and I’m currently at 6,318 of my 55,000 word goal. As you can see, there’s a counter of my progress in the sidebar to the right, under the logo that you see to the left here.

I’m using Jami Gold’s Story Planning for Pantsers Romance Beat Sheet as a guideline.









This will help me when I start the revision process, because I’m not writing linearly. Meaning, I’m not starting from the beginning, I’m kinda writing all over the place.

At the moment, I have each beat set up in Scrivener as its own section. Like Jami, when I write each scene, I’m just plugging them into whatever section it seems to fit.

Since my word goal is 55,000, Camp NaNoWriMo stats indicate that I need to be writing 1,775 words a day.

As a pantser, I’m trying not to let that freak me out too much.

Too much pressure and my Pantser Panic Sensor will go off and I’ll start to feel, well, pressured.

It’s bad enough that I was feeling nervous when the challenge started.

My process:

~I’m going to do my best to not freak out and try to do more than 1,775 a day. Since I hand write, I don’t know how many handwritten pages that works out to be. Guess I’ll find out when I type it up.

~ I hand write first then type it up later. Yes, it’s extra work, but 1) I have a full time job and can’t just have my laptop open, so 2) having a notebook nearby is easier.

~ I’m cheating a little. Those scenes that I wrote during the 826 Boston Write-A-Thon are being expanded upon and will hopefully help with my numbers.

~ I’m writing during my two 15 mins breaks and one hour lunches. And possibly after the hubby goes to bed. There are too many distractions in the evening and as much as I’d like to sit out on the balcony of our apartment, IT IS TOO FUCKING HOT!!!

~ Trying like to hell to shut off my Inner Editor. The problem is that I tend to edit as I write. I can’t just free write and throw words on a page without going back to edit them. That’s not how I roll. When I’m trying to gather my thoughts, I read what I’ve just written, edit it and then move on. I’m finding myself doing that and have to check myself. CONSTANTLY. I’m my own pain in the ass and it’s a lot frustrating. I’m hoping to do better as the days go on.

If you’re expecting see excerpts posted on here while I’m participating in this challenge, you’ll be holding your breath. I’m superstitious and don’t let anyone read my WIP until at least the first draft has been completed. In this case, what I’m writing will be considered the pre-first draft since, as I mentioned above, I’m not writing chronologically. All the scenes are just scenes, plugged into sections (Opening Image/Hook, First Plot Point, etc.).  I’m gonna let this marinate for a month and then open it back up.

So, to all the other campers out there…how are you doing? What’s your process? Did you do any plotting/outlining beforehand? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,




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July 6, 2015

Writing Quote of the Week

In my mind, I’m saying this a little breathlessly with a slight maniacal edge. LOL. All the books, people! All the books.wq12

July 6, 2015

Wet Panty Society – July: Jensen Ackles

WPS4The Wet Panty Society was started in July 2011 and is a monthly homage to beautiful, gorgeous, hunkalicious men. During that month, a picture of the chosen Wet Panty Guy will be featured every week for your viewing pleasure with a little bit of trivia. Prepare to drool! If there’s someone you’d like to refer to this exclusive society, please remember what Salt-n-Pepa said– “This is only for the sexy people”–and read the requirements.

My friend Rhonda is seriously going to be happy with this month’s Wet Panty Society inductee. Seems particularly fitting seeing as how this guy can cause some sparks. Welcome to the Wet Panty Society…JENSEN ACKLES!


Name: Jensen Ross Ackles

DOB: 1 March 1978, Dallas, TX

Height: 6′ 1

Where You May Have Seen Him: As Eric Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1997-2000), as a genetically enhanced clone opposite Jessica Alba on DARK ANGEL (2001-2002), as Jen’s love interest on DAWSON’S CREEK (2002-2003), as Lana Lang’s love interest on SMALLVILLE (2004-2005).

Where You Can Currently See Him: as demon hunter Dean Winchester on the wildly popular show SUPERNATURAL (2005-present), now going on 11 seasons!

I was first introduced to Jensen in DARK ANGEL. Originally, he was a serial killer on that show as well as Alba’s brother, but he was killed. Then he later became a regular on the show as Ben’s clone, Alec. That show was pretty awesome as Jessica portrayed something of a badass. There wasn’t much eye candy on there except for Michael Weatherly, so when Jensen appeared, I was all “Well, hel-lo, Mr. Hotness. Who. The hell. Are. YOU?”

I used to watch DAWSON’S CREEK but stopped long before he appeared on there. And I had pretty much stopped watching soap operas by the time he appeared on DAYS; although that was one of the soaps I watched back in the day. I was a big fan of SMALLVILLE and do remember him being on the show. Trying to be Lana Lang’s love interest. “Trying” being the keyword, because, well, Tom Welling. Need I say more? But, like the other shows, I stopped watching long before it was canceled (but watched the series finale, of course). LOL.

I became hooked on SUPERNATURAL from Day One and have been Team Sam ever since. But I had to give some love to the other Winchester brother, so I hope you enjoy the eye candy this month.

Welcome to the club, Jensen.

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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July 1, 2015

Wet Panty Wednesday #21

This month’s theme: Men with piercing eyes

When I decided to start writing in the adult romance genre, I got excited about all the stories I wanted to write. Doing research for Book 1 in the series I want to write was pretty fun, but I soon realized that I had a type when it came to the looks of my male characters: dark hair, light eyes.


That is so sexy to me and apparently I wanted all the guys in this series to be dark-haired and light-eyed (Remy, in Book 1, is the exception). LOL My friend Rhonda was the one who pointed it out to me and I found it hard searching for brown- and blonde-haired men.

It got easier once I focused on the eyes.

And then I decided that would make a good monthly theme.

What about you? What’s your type? Are you a fan of men with piercing eyes? This inquiring mind wants to know.


I recently saw this dude in a butter commercial, but he had a beard!

July 1, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-Profile  Camp NaNoWriMo officially starts today.

Which means I’m going to be MIA on the interwebs for the next 31 days.

Never fear, the regular weekly features have all been pre-scheduled, so if you look forward to my Monday and Wednesday posts, they’ll still be here.

I may even check in on a weekly basis to let you know how I’m doing goal-wise.

Wish me luck!


Peace, lurve, and wet panties,



June 30, 2015

WPS Writing Tip Tuesday #13: Emily Wenstrom


I’ve stepped away from a lot of stories I’ve written. And never looked back. When I first started writing, the ideas just kept coming. I would start writing and then, at some point, I’d get another smashing idea, drop the book I was writing, and start the new idea.

I’m sure I had a box full of unfinished stories, but they’ve since been lost in all the moves.

I wish I’d kept them now because I’d like to think that I would’ve gotten back to them. Eventually.

I’ve since learned to finish what I start and to keep a notebook of ideas.

For the first time ever, I’m going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo next month. For 31 days, I’m going to shove my Inner Editor in a closet and vomit all over the page. Hopefully not literally. So Emily Wenstrom’s post giving me 3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Break From Your Writing is kind of timely right now:

1. Fend Off Burnout

2. New Perspective

3. Refreshed Mind

#2 and #3 make total sense to me. I’ve read that after the first draft, you should put it aside for at least week before editing it. I’ll have a new perspective, my mind will be refreshed, and I’ll be able to get into Editor Mode. #1 however…I can’t ever imagine getting burned out on writing. Unless I was doing it for a living, like a job writing for others, and I started to see writing for myself as a job.

I say that now, of course. Burnout, Shmurnout. Whatev.

But then July 31st will come along and I may not want to read about Remy and Shao for months. LOL

What about you? Do you take breaks from your writing? If so, what do you do? How long do you take before jumping back in?

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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June 29, 2015

Writing Quote of the Week

I love this quote because it’s so true.


June 29, 2015

Wet Panty Society – A Little Trivia About: Jason Statham

~ Offered the role of Agent 47 in Hitman (2007) after Vin Diesel was dropped from the project. Timothy Olyphant eventually took the role.

~ Is in a relationship with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Lucky fucking bitch.

~ He’s a keen supporter of Nottingham Forest Football Club.

And a final quote, which I SO agree with:

“You see a lot of action films, and it’s almost (like) you can’t tell who’s doing what. It’s chopped up so much, you just see a fist, a leg – it’s all driven by the sound, boom, pow, boom. You wouldn’t know what was happening otherwise. The people who inspired me growing up, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, that’s the real deal. You see them, the camera’s way back, there aren’t a lot of cuts – you feel like you’re really in there. Today, there’s so much technology and green-screen and CGI, you can turn your grandma into an action star. But people are getting wise to that, I think. There’s no substitute for the real thing.”

And now it’s time…to say goodbye…to our favorite mysterious transporter of packages.

Get your final drool on, ladies (and gents, if you swing that way. There’s no diss-crimination ovah herre).

Hope you enjoyed the man candy that was Jason Statham. Do you prefer him shirtless or in a suit? Smiling or serious? This inquiring mind wants to know.


jason10 jason4 jason8

Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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June 24, 2015

Wet Panty Wednesday #20

This month’s theme: men in kilts


Peace, lurve, and wet panties,


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